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Chapter 731 Ongoing expansion plans

  In the elevator, Shen Xi looked at him for a while before saying, "Really not disappointed?" Li Dong laughed: "disappointed or a little, after all, the publicity work done so much, and the expectations set for everyone too high. At this time did not meet expectations, it is inevitable to lose." "But at least my expectations were met, 5o million is actually quite a lot." Shen Xi nodded and said, "It's quite a lot, in fact, if everyone hadn't set the target too big at the beginning, 5o million users would have been enough for everyone to revel in this time." "From what you're saying, you're complaining that I'm bragging too much?" "More or less." Li Dong face speechless, you are really outspoken. Not to dwell on this, Li Dong asked again: "Did your mother look for you recently?" Shen Xi headache: "Sentai shares you have no other use in the end? If not, it is not too useful to stay in the hand ……" she said, Li Dong understood. After considering for a while, Li Dong said: "How about this, I will go to the capital in the middle of the month, then I will take a look at it, by the way, say hello to the others, and then both sides will sign the agreement. In fact, your mother is picking up the sesame seeds and losing the watermelon, Baidu stock is not as valuable as Sentai shares? If she withheld the stock, I really have nothing to do. Now she has to be determined to ask for these stocks, why bother. Forget it, I'll give it to her if she wants it, now your mother won't object to you staying in the far side, right?" Shen Xi gave him a white glance did not say this, but some doubts, "You said Baidu stock value can be over Sentai shares?" Although the stock market rose greatly in o7, it can be said to be domestic. Baidu listed on the Nasdaq, the domestic crazy stock prices can not be much affected by Baidu. Especially last year, Baidu's share price did not rise but fell, but also let many people cold heart. This year is slightly better, at least also rose a little, but now Baidu shares are hovering around more than a hundred dollars, Li Dong's 3o million shares of stock is really not much money. The conversion down to about 300 million yuan. And Sentai shares, but worth about 1o billion. Li Dong casually said: "Sooner or later it will rise up, at most two or three years." When Baidu's stock split ten times in 1o, it reached a maximum of more than $7oo per share, which means that the value of the stock in Li Dong's hands will reach nearly $200 million in three years at most. Now naturally is not compared to the Sentai, but in the hands of three years nothing to do, earn 1o billion for nothing, this business is a good deal. Of course, this thing also on Li Dong believe, others will not believe that there is such a good thing. 3 billion compared to 1o billion, Shen Xuehua naturally know which one to choose. Li Dong did not say much on this, in fact, he now has a lot of valuable things on hand, we do not care about it. In addition to Baidu shares, the last time he entered the stock market, he took a lot of Tencent shares. Later, he did not withdraw from the market, covering a few years and have to earn a fortune. There is also the Apple side, he previously left a billion cash in hand, but also through the channel into the Apple stock. Again, cover a few years is a large amount of money. Several stocks together, the next ten years Li Dong is nothing, even if less than ten billion, it is not much. Of course, at the moment certainly not so high, really want to get out also less than 1o billion. Even if less than 1o billion, is actually not a small amount of money, and these things in addition to the Baidu stock passed a while back, the other people are not clear. Shen Xi saw him so confident, did not ask questions again. Li Dong is willing to take out the Sentai shares just fine, as for whether her own mother lost or earned, she is now too lazy to care. …… conference room. Yuan Chengdao a few people have been waiting for a long time, see Li Dong and Shen Xi enter, Yuan Chengdao smiled: "Mr. Li, happy news after happy news." The farm came online and reached this goal, and those who were really a little disappointed were probably those in the mall. In fact, Yuan Chengdao, the group's senior management is still quite satisfied, the first day to have this data, has reached their expected value. As for the hundreds of millions of users that Li Dong blasted, Yuan Chengdao they simply did not take seriously. Liu Hong believed in Li Dong, and now they are all disappointed. Yuan Chengdao is happy, next to Wu Shengnan is muffled. Yuan Chengdao happy naturally is not only this, the key or money! Why is there money? The sale of Dong Yu's land, naturally, there is money. The whole group, except for the people of Dongyu real estate, who is not rejoicing. The whole group, except for the people of Dongyu real estate, who is not happy. A few more billions of income, this is pure income, how painful, the previous pressure is all gone, who cares if Wu Shengnan is happy. The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money out of your pocket. Yuan Chengdao immediately realized that he was a little bit naive, and quickly stopped smiling and said, "Mr. Li, let's meet." Even if he is happy in his heart, now in front of Wu Shengnan can not show too much. Recently, the company is rumored that Wu Shengnan is likely to be transferred away from Dongyu Real Estate, because rumor has it that she and Wang Pengfei are not very compatible. Once transferred, Wu Shengnan will only be demoted and not promoted, although everyone is happy, but also know that Wu Shengnan actually still has a few brushes. Dongyu land production capacity to bring so much benefit, in addition to Li Dong's eyesight, but also can not be separated from the helm of Wu Shengnan. Now they take the money, Wu Shengnan is a possible demotion, and then laugh down, that can be a feud. When the meeting officially began, the smiles on everyone's face are converged. Today's main talk is about the development of Eastwood real estate planning and Sichuan Airlines and the North Bay Logistics Park. The matter of Sichuan Airlines has been considered settled, the meeting began Yuan Chengdao said: "Wang has now talked with Sichuan Airlines and the Sichuan government, the two sides have signed a memorandum. In the middle of the month, I will take a team to go over there and sign the contract officially." The people have no comments, Yuan Chengdao said: "into the Sichuan Airlines 2.5 billion funds, according to the agreement, a payment of 100 million, the remaining 1.5 billion in two installments, all must arrive before the end of the year. Phase 1 of 1o billion, Mr. Li, is not called from the East side of the Yu?" Everyone swept Wu Shengnan, Li Dong coughed lightly and said, "Let's call from Dongyu side, Shengnan, how is the situation on Dongyu side now?" "Dongyu can now use 200 million in the books." Wu Shengnan simply replied and stopped talking, there was no point in talking, she knew the money would not stay anyway. As expected, she just finished, Li Dong said: "In addition to the 1o billion of Sichuan Airlines, the other 1o billion also prepare, next month the Beijing-Tianjin side may want us to enter." The corners of Wu Shengnan's mouth twitched for a moment, but did not make a sound to refute. After saying this, Li Dong looked at Qin Hai: "General Qin, how is the inspection of the North Bay Logistics Park?" Qin Hai stood up, handed everyone a copy of the handwritten documents, waiting for the crowd to look at a while, Qin Hai said: "After a comprehensive inspection, as well as the advice given by the Ministry of Strategy, I think that the Far Side into the North Bay Logistics Park plan is still feasible ……