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Chapter 732 - Ten Billion Logistics

  The first foot sent away Qin Hai, the second foot Yuan Chengdao followed over. w?w?w?????? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. "Belle International?" Li Dong thought for a moment and wondered, "The listing?" "Well, last week Belle went public, raising ten billion Hong Kong dollars in one fell swoop! With a market value of more than 50 billion surpassing Gome, becoming the first in the mainland retail industry on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange." "I heard about it, what's wrong?" Seeing Li Dong so bland, Yuan Chengdao could not stand it a bit and craned his neck and said, "Mr. Li, did you really not consider letting Yuanfang Supermarket go public?" In 2007, the domestic financial market was in turmoil. Chain industry is no exception, from March onwards, there are constantly chain companies listed in Hong Kong. When Belle went public, the storm reached its peak. "Go public like Belle!" This phrase has now become the tagline of the chain industry, countless chain companies are boiling with enthusiasm, are or have been preparing for the listing. Yuan Chengdao has long been and Li Dong mentioned the matter of listing, but Li Dong is not at all concerned. Originally he felt that the time has come, Belle listed, financing tens of billions of dollars, which is much greater than the Beyoncé listing to the far side of the shock. The Beyoncé is a real estate enterprise, listed financing tens of billions of dollars can still be justified. But Belle as a chain of enterprises, although not small fame before, but also not so big that everyone knows. Although the Far Eastern Group also do real estate, but in fact still to chain enterprises, this situation Belle listing can take so much success, Yuan Chengdao think Li Dong should be aware of the wind direction. This time, with the help of Belle's east wind, with the scale and fame of Yuanfang Supermarket, Yuan Chengdao felt that Yuanfang Supermarket would never be worse than Belle once it was listed. The result is that when he mentioned this, he didn't want Li Dong to care at all, so how could he be willing. Li Dong frowned slightly and looked at him and said, "After selling the land of Dongyu Real Estate, we don't seem to be short of money now, do we still need to go public to get money?" "Mr. Li, is the listing in your eyes just to circle money?" "Isn't it?" Yuan Chengdao hurriedly said, "Of course not!" "Ringing in money …… financing can only be said to be a purpose of going public, not the whole purpose. As a listed company, there are too many benefits. I will briefly mention a few points, first, the advertising effect. Once the company is listed, it will attract the attention of all stockholders and financial media, which can improve the company's status and visibility in the market and win the trust of customers and suppliers. Secondly, attracting talents. Listed companies have a natural attraction to talents, even if the salary is lower, it does not matter, a large number of talents are willing to come to work in listed companies. Third, credit building. Listed companies have a high degree of transparency, whether for financing or credit, they can gain market favor. Fourth, security effect. As a listed company, the interest of shareholders is linked to the majority of shareholders, and the security of the property can also get the maximum protection. Fifth ……" Li Dong also did not interrupt him and let him narrate. Until he finished, Li Dong only lightly said: "In addition to the benefits, is there no downside?" Yuan Chengdao hurriedly said, "Of course nothing can be completely without drawbacks, but I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, so we can go ahead and implement it." Li Dong shook his head and said, "The pros and cons in your eyes are not the same as the pros and cons in my eyes, so it's better not to talk about this matter first." The company listed in the end is good, this is not something Li Dong has not considered. But at least for the time being, there are some things that in Li Dong's opinion are still harmful but not beneficial. Dilution of equity is only one aspect, the other is as a listed company, transparency is too big. Li Dong does not want to expose himself completely to the public now, some things may seem insignificant, but in fact, once exposed to the spotlight, can not withstand the speculation of others. Besides, this time listed even if you can finance, and how much money can be financed? Belle financing tens of billions, does not mean that the far side will certainly be able to finance so much money. For the sake of billions of dollars, make their own dilemma in the end, this is not the result that Li Dong wants. See Yuan Chengdao still want to say more, Li Dong frowned and said: "Let's not talk about this, in addition I remind you that some things are not you seem feasible is feasible! You have this time to study the domestic ranking of the top supermarkets, how many large chain supermarkets are listed? In addition to Hualian, both China Resources Vanguard, Sugo, Yonghui, agricultural and industrial, why these companies have not chosen now listed? Do not see other companies listed, you blindly follow the trend. Listed, listed, in addition to the name of a better sound, I do not think there are any great benefits. Besides the money that comes from financing is not given to you for nothing, I'm not guilty of destroying my overall plan just to take this money, got it?" "But ……" "No buts!" Li Dong tone heavier a few points, coldly said: "I do not choose to list naturally have my reasons! Mr. Yuan, just do your part! Lack of money, I will think of a way, these years, although Yuanfang difficult steps, but the real use of money, less money? You previously questioned the shares of Sichuan Airlines and the North Bay Logistics Park, now they have begun to carry out, and I have not seen the company's capital chain broken!