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Chapter 734 - Drifting Away

  Gold trigger finger is still cursing people, not only cursing the woman, even the staff of the club also щww. lā is cursing vigorously, suddenly heard next to someone faintly said: "Enough cursing?" Golden Trigger twisted his head to look, and saw two men and two women four young people walking towards this side. Before he could say anything, the club employee who was persuading before said with a somewhat pale face, "General Ji!" Ji Lanxin glanced at her and frowned slightly, "Where is Manager Chen?" "Manager Chen just happened to be called by a guest to go archery together ……," Ji Lanxin did not ask again, but looked at Li Dong. Li Dong also do not care about them, swept the golden trigger finger a glance, frowned and said: "You think this is your home? Want to curse people, who gave you the right?" "I don't need you to care about my business!" The golden finger did not have the good grace to say back, but did not dare to call himself Laozi. Just now the club employee's sentence Ji General, he knew it was the owner of the club to come. The Golden Tripod Club, as the name implies, is naturally the industry of the Golden Tripod, and even if he didn't know Ji Lanxin, he knew that this was probably the current general manager of the Golden Tripod. Although he has a few money, but compared to the Golden Tripod is naturally not a class. The previous staff of a club, scolded also scolded, against Ji Lanyin he did not have that bottom. The person who can come with Ji Lanyin is naturally not an ordinary person. Li Dong stared at him for a while did not make a sound, the gold trigger finger some heart weakness said: "What is it! I paid for the person, I scolded her a few words to get you to meddle? It is said that the customer is God, I came to the Golden Tripod Club is your guest, what do you mean?" "Nothing." Li Dong grunted, turned to Ji Lanyin and said, "Tell him to get lost, he is here today, otherwise I would have kicked this kind of trash!" Ji Lanxin looked at him with some suspicion, but did not ask more questions, turned to Golden Trigger and said indifferently, "This gentleman, I think you can go out now." The Golden Finger's face was ugly as hell, staring at Ji Lanxin and Li Dong for a while, he said with some shame, "Okay! The store is bullying the customers, right? Although the Golden Tripod is rich, I don't owe you anything! Not to mention that I also bought hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry at the Golden Tripod, and now you turn around and tell me to leave, you have the guts!" Ji Lanxin frowned again, before she could say anything, Li Dong said coldly: "With whom do you call the old man?" "What's wrong, you guys are driving Laozi away, and you still won't let Laozi talk!" Golden Trigger Finger said angrily. He was making a lot of noise, and at some point, his companions who had gone to the bathroom came back. Seeing this side of the fuss, several men and women hurried over, a middle-aged man in his early forties slightly puzzled, "Lao Zeng, what's wrong?" "Wang Bureau, this thing you give a comment ……" his words just out, the middle-aged man called Wang Bureau glared at him, did not continue to listen to him, Wang Bureau turned to look at Li Dong a few people: "a few people, it is a misunderstanding, everyone Out on the road ……" said, Wang Bureau tone suddenly weakened, and gradually lost his voice. Golden Trigger and his entourage are a bit strange, have looked at Wang Bureau, but see Wang face ugly to death. After about a few seconds, Wang Bureau face embarrassment said: "So it is Li, Xu and Ji, this is really …… really ……" to say this, Wang Bureau also do not know what to say It is good. Li Dong waited for him not to speak before he spoke out: "Director Wang, right? When you go out, we all come to the club to relax, your friend's mouth is not clean, the fuss is non-stop. Go back to persuade a few words, today will not stay you, no comments?" Wang Bureau at this time also did not have time to ask what happened, and quickly smiled and said: "Sorry, sorry, my friend drank too much wine at noon, his mouth can not keep the door. Please don't take it personally, when he sobers up later, I'll bring him to your door to apologize." Li Dong said in a light voice: "Apology forget it, today for the face of Mr. Ji, I do not see eye to eye with him. But next time pay attention, Laozi Laozi, is talking to me?" "Absolutely no such meaning!" Wang Bureau hurriedly said, "He is just a coarse person, did not read a few years, this I apologize for him to a few people." Said Wang Bureau really bent down to a few people to make amends, this time Li Dong naturally not good to say anything. And next to the gold finger a few people have long been dumbfounded, see them bend to the Secretary Wang to apologize to these young people, a few people's faces are a little white, who still dare to speak out at this time. As for that gold trigger finger, this time even lowered his head, afraid that he looked at people carelessly by these people on. When Li Dong waved his hand, Secretary Wang hurriedly took the golden finger and they were about to leave. Just a few steps away, Li Dong said: "You stay!" Wang Bureau a few people froze, looked back at Li Dong, but saw Li Dong staring at the silent woman behind them. Wang Bureau seemed to understand what was going on and hurriedly said to the woman, "That, you stay and talk with Mr. Li and the others." The woman bit her lips and did not say anything, Wang Bureau frowned slightly, thought about whispering something, the woman has not said anything. At this time Wang Bureau also do not care about her, to Li Dong heaped smile said: "Mr. Li, then we will not disturb, you guys talk, you guys talk." With these words, several people hurriedly left.