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Chapter 735 - Merchant City Development

  June 10th. Far Eastern Foundation organized personnel to enter Sichuan. This time, Far Far Away Charity Foundation recruited more than one hundred people from Jiangbei to supplement the needs of Sichuan and Shu. Among these hundred people, there was a young girl with a clear face. The foundation recruited a lot of young girls, more than a hundred people most of them are young girls, but even so, Huang Shanshan is one of the best among them. As the head of the foundation finished his words, the crowd boarded the car. When it was Huang Shanshan's turn to get into the car, Huang Shanshan couldn't help but glance back, and from afar, she saw Li Dong nodding towards her. A smile appeared on her face, Huang Shanshan did not say anything and boarded the bus that went to Sichuan. The car slowly drove away. Li Dong stood a short distance away and kept watching the car leave, for a long time before turning away with a light sigh. This goes thousands of miles away, the only thing he can do is to bless the girl. Seen a lot of sadness and happiness, seen a lot of life and death, Li Dong now only hope that the people they know, their friends and relatives around them can spend this life happily. …… returned to the Far Far Away Building. Liu Hong has long been impatient to see Li Dong and was overjoyed: "Mr. Li, you are really divine!" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "Spending more than one hundred million to promote, this is the magic of money, not my magic." A development cost is only a few hundred thousand operating web games, spend hundreds of times the cost to promote the operation. This kind of thing will only happen in the far side of such a dictatorial private enterprise, otherwise any other person would not do so. Pushing this point, Li Dong felt that he should have a common language with the giant Shi. Thinking about it, Li Dong was a bit distracted. The giant Shi is recently busy with the listing of the giant network, some time ago also heard people talk about it, and I do not know when to have a chance to meet. To this, Li Dong is really interested. Unfortunately, last time the mutual aid society was established, invited this person to join, old Shi politely declined. Li Dong does not know if he is really busy, or not interested in joining, but since Lao Shi is not willing to come, Li Dong also has nothing to persuade, not a sale. But after all, is also Jiangbei go out of the capable, there is an opportunity Li Dong still want to look up to this several ups and downs of the big brother. With the matter in mind, Li Dong did not delay the business and asked, "Has the new user reached 10 million?" Since the morning, Liu Hong had called to inform him that the new users had almost exceeded 10 million. The farm that had been online for ten days had finally exerted his power and let everyone see what a miracle was. The word "phenomenon" is not yet popular, otherwise I'm afraid there would be a whole lot of people whistling a phenomenal game appeared! Tencent in the previous world, with the help of the farm, the number of active space breakthrough to more than 200 million in one fell swoop, this is the power of the farm. Of course, the current pp and qq is not a level, Li Dong naturally can not reach the achievements of Tencent. But spending hundreds of millions of dollars to do publicity, Li Dong think how should be better than the initial launch of the farm for everyone. Ten days of new users exceeded 10 million, this is clear evidence. "Reached!" As soon as I heard Li Dong talk about this, Liu Hong immediately said with great enthusiasm: "I called you soon after the breakthrough! By now, the total registered users of pp have reached 11 million, and the space active users are reaching an amazing proportion of 4 million daily active users!" "4 million?" Li Dong's face finally showed a smile and nodded, "Not bad!" Ten days after going online, this is not the peak of the farm. As long as the next operation is good and no major mistakes are made, it should be sooner or later for the active users to exceed 10 million. As for the registered users, Li Dong felt that 30 million was still a possibility. Of course, even if it really reaches 30 million, and QQ can not be compared. Although Tencent has not announced the number of registered users, but people calculate the registered users simple and brutal, look at the qq number to know. According to the current value, QQ registered users have exceeded 300 million! The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Li Dong is not much despair, he certainly knows how big the gap between the two sides, this gap is not a few small games can catch up. The only thing Li Dong can do now is to keep closing the distance. Not a year, then two years, two years no chance, then five years …… even if it has been unable to catch up does not matter, people Tencent registered users reached billions, Li Dong even one tenth of his, that also has hundreds of millions of users. Once there are hundreds of millions of users, that is also a great achievement. The boss is not forgotten, as long as the second is a lot of money on the line, Li Dong although the mouth said to step on the second horse, but slogans are slogans, in fact, Li Dong also did not take it too seriously. Of course, all of this is also impossible to say. When the smartphone era comes, everything is still a bit of hope.