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Chapter 736 - East Star Entertainment

  In June, the sky can change at the drop of a hat. One moment it's sunny, the next moment it's dark clouds. Half an hour later. Universal Building. When Li Dong arrived, the sky has been drizzling light rain. When he got out of the car, Tan Yong hurriedly took an umbrella and put it on. Li Dong looked up at the sky and said, "The rainy season has arrived." Tan Yong agreed: "The weather is too boring these days, it's good to have some rain." "I hope the rain is not too heavy, I'm afraid there will be floods on both sides of the Jianghuai River this year." Tan Yong did not know how to take this, did not say anything for a while. Li Dong lamented a sentence, and did not continue. Flooding is a natural disaster, and Du Anmin and Qin Hanyuan also talked about flood prevention before, but do not need to worry about Li Dong. He is afraid that these two careless, don't make any mistakes when Du Anmin is leaving. The two were talking when a middle-aged security guard came over with a slightly suspicious look. When he saw Li Dong's appearance, the middle-aged security guard said with a surprised face: "Mr. Li, you're really here!" Li Dong laughed: "Old Zhang, are you still doing this?" Old Zhang said with a bitter smile, "Mr. Li, look at your words, I'm just a small person, what else can I do if I don't do security." Li Dong laughed and took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, took out one for himself and threw the rest to Zhang, "I haven't seen you for a while, let's have a smoke and talk." Old Zhang hastily took the cigarettes, took out one and smelled it, and said with a fascinated face: "Still, Mr. Li's cigarettes are tasty enough, to be honest, after you moved away, the most reluctant is me. In the past, you can still rub your good cigarettes, you left, my appetite is spoiled, smoking can not mention the taste." Li Dong laughed: "This is a good thing, just to help you quit smoking." Old Zhang also followed and laughed, and after laughing, he said, "Mr. Li is back today to do something?" "Well, there are some things to deal with." Old Zhang also did not ask what the matter, doing security for so many years, still have a sense of proportion. After chatting with Li Dong for a while, when he finished smoking, Zhang hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, if you have something to do, go ahead and get busy, your car will be parked over here, I'll keep an eye on it for you, I won't let anyone else touch it, and I'll take a rain cloth to block the rain for your car later." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Don't bother, I'll be down later, just wash the car for free." Hearing Li Dong say so, old Zhang smiled and catered to a sentence. When Li Dong left, old Zhang lamented: "The big man is a big man, not even a little rack." At this time a young security guard behind him came over and said with some suspicion: "Old Zhang, who was that just now?" "You don't know?" The young security guard scratched his head: "How do I know, you do not know, I just came a few days." Old Zhang pointed to the Maybach in front of him and said, "You don't know this car either?" The young security guard was even more puzzled, curious: "What kind of car is this, it looks quite grand, that guy just now is a rich man?" Old Zhang was completely speechless and said in a good mood: "You are also a lifetime security material, not a competent security!" In Jiangbei, you say you don't know Li Dong, it's really somehow impossible to say, especially for young people. Li Dong in the country's fame may not be so big, but in Jiangbei, that is the legend. Newspapers, television, the Internet, you can often see his picture. Do not know the day-to-day Li Dong is not even, you a dry security, luxury car logo always have to understand some of it. As a result, you do not understand anything, do not one day provoke the people who should not be provoked are confused. The young security guard sniffed a little reluctantly said: "Old Zhang, you say this, I am also just bad luck, if I am lucky ……" "Good luck is useless!" Old Zhang snorted, capable people rely on more than just luck. There is no real ability, there is luck is useless. Opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared, you are not even prepared, do you really wait for the pie to fall from the sky? Meet Li Dong is actually an opportunity, old Zhang thinks, if he really have some ability to show in front of Li Dong, turn around and jump to the far side of the future for sure. But he is old, there is nothing else, naturally, also put out this extravagant hope. But the guy in front of him is still young, the result is a good opportunity so missed, the result is still complaining about bad luck, who can blame. …… two security guards talk Li Dong do not know, know Li Dong certainly agree with the old Zhang's view. Opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. Do security, does not mean a lifetime to do security. Other people Li Dong is not good to say, in the retail industry, but there is a security myth of reversal. The previous president of New Yijia is a security origin, also Jiangbei people, the result from a security to the boss, this is the ability. Sometimes the opportunity is inadvertently passed by you, people who have the ability to seize, people who do not have the ability to miss are not aware of. For example, this moment, someone has seized this opportunity. …… Yang Xin is a new artist signed by East Star Entertainment, and was not much famous before, mainly running the show. This time, she was signed by East Star, although she knows that East Star is just a small, insignificant entertainment company.