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Chapter 737: Making your own star

  Li Dong came to East Star Entertainment this time, and not to talk about the stars…… Hu Xiaorui set up a film and television company, or by his influence. At least also invested a lot of money into it, Li Dong can not stand by and watch her lose money. Before Li Dong himself also thought about doing this, but he is now involved in too many industries, Li Dong is also too lazy to do it themselves. Since Hu Xiaorui is willing to do, then Li Dong is naturally supportive. Not to say that he himself also accounted for shares, is not accounted for shares, can make money in the business they do not do let friends to do, is also considered fat water does not flow outside the field. Big-name stars are not willing to come to East Star, Li Dong does not care. These days, a good TV series, a good movie, a good variety show, a few stars are too normal. Other Li Dong dare not say, his brain is loaded with a lot of good things. See Hu Xiaorui is not too happy, Li Dong laughed: "Others to come or not, they do not care, really no one to come, we own to promote is." "Star-making?" Hu Xiaorui is not confident: "But we have no resources, how to support?" "These days, money and resources, ideas are also resources." Li Dong said: "I see that you have nothing to do recently, the company has not received many scripts, I thought about it, the new people signed can not be left alone. So recently we are planning our own planning, shooting a few TV series out, first test the water." "Shooting TV series?" Hu Xiaorui some headache said: "But Zhang Meng this guy can not shoot TV series ah." Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "Do you have to be Zhang Meng? We are not short of money, money to shoot TV, find a few directors is not simple? As for the actors, it is even simpler, not to mention our own newcomers, you pay money still afraid of no stars to act? First shoot a few TV series to hit the fame, and when the fame is big, then we can get other. As for the popularity of the TV series, let's not worry about these, and not afraid to find a platform for cooperation. In Jiangbei, your father and I still have this face, other platforms are not easy to say, Jiangbei TV side as long as we can pass the radio and television, will definitely be broadcast in prime time." Hearing Li Dong say so, Hu Xiaorui scratched her head and said, "What kind of TV?" "Costume drama!" "Costume drama ……" Hu Xiaorui is considering, Li Dong said: "script I have found for you, you go back to arrange someone to sign the copyright, the horse to find someone to adapt into the script, as soon as possible to shoot out. " "What script?" "Step by step" "The Legend of Zhen Huan" "Langya list", for the time being these three." Hu Xiaorui looked puzzled and asked, "Is this a novel?" "Yes!" Li Dong nodded, he remembered quite a few dramas actually. There are also many big fires, like what "Ancient Sword Tan", "Flower Thousand Bones", "Palace" and so on. But these TV series, either adapted from the game, or adapted from the novel is not yet out, or the writers themselves created. Before Li Dong in also searched, he can currently remember, and the big fire, the real out also he said the three. The Legend of Zhen Huan" at this time although not all published, but also published some, as for the follow-up base, the author's hand should be there. The actual "Step by Step" is the end of the creation in 05 years, "Langya List" is also currently serialized in the starting point, but nothing too famous just. The first thing to do is to take advantage of this opportunity to get the rights over. As for the one-time shoot three, money Li Dong is not lacking, the key is the lack of people, can not shoot into a life like, Li Dong also do not dare to guarantee. Anyway, he is a wide spread, at least three phenomenal TV series, can not three are not fire it. Fire a couple of, fame naturally hit out, want to promote new people also purpose also did. When there is a drama bottom, then get some phenomenal variety show out, several times down, the company fame also went. There is money, and star-making ability, and a constant stream of golden ideas, then you do not have to chase the stars, people will take the initiative to find you almost. Hu Xiaorui saw his words of certainty, did not do more than consider nodding: "Then good, I immediately arrange people to get this. Is it three films together?" "You look at the arrangements, if you can find the manpower, then shoot together. I still have money for several TV series." These days, the cost of making a TV series is not too big. If you don't find big stars, the cost is even smaller. Since East Star is prepared to create its own stars, it naturally invites not many big names, at most one or two to fight for fame, the expenses are not too big. Li Dong and Hu Xiaorui are not short of money, these days you are willing to spend money to invest, the crew is still quite easy to find, the capital side of a large number of drama team idle nothing to do. Said Li Dong and admonished: "In addition which newcomers participate, you remember to sign a long contract in advance. Also, our current newcomers or less, you have nothing to go to the major colleges to see, some good conditions of the students are signed back, spend more money all right. Others are now new tender, but also little fame, wide spread, famous a few we do not lose." "Good, I know." Hu Xiaorui hurriedly nodded, thought and asked, "Then still shoot or not shoot the movie?" "The movie ……" Li Dong considered for a moment and said, "For the time being, do not shoot, first get the TV series, the two-year film market is also general, after two years."