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Chapter 738 - Shen's Purpose

  Capital. The sky is the limit for the novel WwW.'⒉3TXT.COM Beijing University dormitory. Qi Fangfang was staring at the computer screen as if she was fixed. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. This guy's hands are really fast, I'm so angry, more than a week, not even once to steal his vegetables!" Qin Yuhan, who was busy working, couldn't help but roll her eyes, this guy is really childish! Qi Fangfang also does not care about their expressions, smiling and saying, "Yuhan, other than that, your family Li Dong this game got really good." In the dormitory, talking about Li Dong, then there are endless topics. Zhang Mengmeng smiled and held her chin to look at Qin Yuhan and said, "Sister Yuhan, Li Dong is also too powerful! The other day I heard that he bought Sichuan Airlines, even the airline company, now everyone is almost treating him as a god." Qin Yuhan, who was packing up her things, corrected without looking back: "It's a shareholding, not an acquisition." Zhang Mengmeng did not think: "It's the same, forget about acquisition or shareholding, Sister Yuhan, it is said that Li Dong is worth tens of billions, is it true?" "I don't know." "You don't know?" Zhang Mengmeng said with a surprised face: "How much money Li Dong has, you actually do not know?" Qin Yuhan said indifferently, "What's so strange that I don't know, he didn't talk to me, and I didn't ask. Besides, at this point in time, the amount of money is the same, there is nothing to ask." Zhang Mengmeng spat out her tongue and said, "You are really big-hearted, if I were, I would definitely ask every day." Next to Qi Fangfang sniffed and said: "So you are not destined to find this kind of boyfriend, found a long time also dumped you. Men such creatures, the more powerful the more annoyed women are in charge of everything, especially the money above. Yu Han this point is very well done, Li Dong how much money that is also his money, we women should be financially independent only. If, according to me, Li Dong no money is good. Men with a little money do not know what their last name, and too much money, but also easy to attract butterflies. Women, ah, should find a weaker than their own man to do. When I look for a husband in the future, I will find a weaker one than me, and then if I do something wrong, I will kick him far away directly! Zhou Yue, who hadn't said much, smiled and said, "Don't put your standards on everyone's head, and with your nature, you should find a stronger man than you. You have to let someone control you, otherwise you are going to the sky." Qi Fangfang did not think so and said, "I don't want someone to control me, I want to be the queen!" "Good, good, queen, the food has also stolen, should you give up the position? I still have documents to do, you hogged my computer for half an hour just to steal a few radishes, idle?" Qi Fangfang said smugly: "Your computer configuration is good and fast, otherwise it really can't grab others. Next time I will use your computer to access the Internet, you use mine." The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The first not to mention Li Dong dry or not, say you have the courage to mention this with a group boss? The actual opportunity to have this, who also want to game gold. A few people were laughing and chatting when Qin Yuhan's phone rang. The first time I saw the caller ID, I smiled and said, "I knew it was this guy, Yuhan, I'll get it!" Before Qin Yuhan could reply, Qi Fangfang grabbed the phone and picked it up. The first sentence was: "Boss Li, give me a few hundred million gold coins, okay? The first thing I said was, "Can you give me a few hundred million gold coins?" And by the way, I'm going to level up a few dozen levels. How many levels to open ah? And also, the latest scenes out, but you are too pit, actually have to charge, I'm just a student, you dare to charge me money? By the way ……"…… Beijing University campus. Li Dong mouth corner straight twitch, this woman is crazy! The rambling half day, really think they are the game gm? It took a while for Li Dong to interrupt: "Stop!" "Let Yuhan answer the phone." The phone finally reached Qin Yuhan after a long time of dilly-dallying. Li Dong slightly relieved and said, "Next time don't let that crazy bitch answer the phone." A giggle came from the other side of the phone, as well as Qi Fangfang's angry roar. Li Dong also did not bother to care about her, chatted a few words then said to Qin Yuhan: "I arrived in the capital, now almost to your dormitory building." …… ten minutes later. Li Dong saw Qin Yuhan, of course, certainly not only Qin Yuhan came. Several people in their dormitory have come downstairs, especially Qi Fangfang, once they saw Li Dong, the eyes could not wait to swallow him. Li Dong had a headache and said, "Yu Han, why did you bring her here?" Qin Yuhan pursed her lips and laughed lightly, Qi Fangfang knew who Li Dong was talking about without having to ask, and said with some exasperation, "What do you mean you brought me here, I grew legs and came on my own!" "Come on, I know you've got legs, no need to mention that on purpose." Qi Fangfang rolled her eyes, not bothering to dwell on this with him, but said with an expectant face, "What I just told you, how are you considering it?" "What is it?" "Li Dong, don't be so petty, for the sake of I am your sister-in-law ……" "Pfft!" Before she could finish her sentence, several people next to her burst out laughing. Qin Yuhan pinched her and said with a red face, "How dare you say anything!" Qi Fangfang didn't think so and said, "I am your sister no? I am your sister, is not his sister-in-law, on such a small request, Li Dong, you a big boss, meet a little I can not?" "This is not my business ……" "Petty!" Not waiting for him to finish, Qi Fangfang grunted: "You are the big boss, what else is not under your control? If you don't want to, you don't want to, and you make excuses, man!" Li Dong said in a good mood: "You have to tell me straight, then I will satisfy you, not to do, understand!" Did not pay attention to this crazy woman, Li Dong and Zhou Yue two greetings. After greeting, Li Dong see them all in, also embarrassed to go out to eat with Qin Yuhan alone, looked at the time and said, "It's almost 12 o'clock, you guys still haven't eaten, go out and eat something together." Zhou Yue nodded and said, "Let's go together, there's just something I want to talk to you about." If she didn't have something to look for Li Dong, she wouldn't have come down to disturb them on purpose. When Zhou Yue agreed, Qi Fangfang and Zhang Mengmeng naturally had no problem with it. Especially Qi Fangfang, she couldn't wait to get closer to Li Dong and see if she could get him to upgrade her farm a little. This woman's brain circuit has always been like this, and Li Dong can't do anything about her.