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The First Daughter of the Divine Doctor
The First Daughter of the Divine Doctor

The First Daughter of the Divine Doctor

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In the 21st century, Feng Yuheng, a double-medicine sage and a special medical officer of the Marine Corps, becomes the first daughter of the Feng family in the Dasun Dynasty. But her father is not close, her grandmother does not love her, plus her mother is weak and sickly, her brother is young, and her sisters are more ruthless than one another. Fight with me? A whip will make you find your teeth on the ground! Fight with me? A surgical knife will kill you by a thousand cuts! Play dirty? I'll stab you with a needle and you'll be paralyzed! Kill me to silence you? A claw to scratch your heart out! A weak woman who can be bullied by everyone has become the meat and potatoes of Da Shun Dynasty. She opened a hospital with the emperor, collected the hearts of the world, collected all the money, and even the emperor had to get close to me, but what happened to the marriage contract of the damned prince? And this disfigured cripple what do you say?

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