Chapter 581 - Father and Son (6)

  ‘How…?’ Persephone grimaced as she looked at the stump where her right arm had been. She had returned to the Temple of the King of the Underworld, but her body was still connected to the World Tree, since the goddess she served, Mother Earth, had taken over almost the entire tree.

  The World Tree transcended all universes and dimensions and was responsible for pulling out the Ideas that existed beneath the surface of the world. It was the system that ruled over all living beings and was responsible for reincarnation. Since its vitality came from death, it was enough to overwhelm all the holy powers of the world.

  The reason Persephone had been selected by Mother Earth was for her domains of spring and seed. She was only given the power of a supreme god because of her connection to the World Tree. No matter how much holy power she used, she should be able to replenish it quickly. If her limbs were severed, she ought to be able to regenerate them instantly, but her arm showed no sign of growing back. Instead, a strange energy remained around her injury, fighting to enter her body.

  Persephone was trying to heal her injury with holy power, but the strange energy soon took over her holy power and began to tighten around her soul. Persephone recognized it. ‘This is…!’

  A voice suddenly interrupted her train of thought. 『Death.』

  “M-Mother.” Persephone stiffened. Mother Earth’s words were now clear and intelligible. Her chaotic thoughts that were uncontrollable in the past had merged into one. It was evidence that her ego was beginning to restore its identity. “Has the invasion been successful…?”

  Mother Earth was so busy taking over the World Tree that she didn’t have time for other business, which was why she hadn’t been able to step up right away when the Titans rebelled.

  『Of course now.』Mother Earth scoffed sharply. 『I’m not even halfway done』

  “Why not…?”

  『How incompetent must you idiots be!』

  Persephone gritted her teeth when she felt Mother Earth’s fury through the Channel.

  『You let those stupid Titans start a coup and the heavenly world is divided again. You already lost the Elohim in the past, and now you’ve lost Kronos. Is this how you run things? Have you forgotten how crucial it is for us to possess Tartarus?』

  Persephone was silent. As Mother Earth said, all their efforts had ended in vain. Losing Kronos’ corpse to the other side was the greatest blunder they’d made. They had only been able to restore their lost divinities and reclaim Olympus thanks to Kronos’ holy power, which had been an endless supply of resources. Now, it was gone.

  Mother Earth was in the process of trying to take over another resource, the World Tree, but it was difficult to say how long it would take to complete it. Even Mother Earth didn’t know, and considering that they were using Kronos’ holy power to take over the tree, their plans had been derailed even more.

  And now, they had to face their enemies, which included Yeon-woo, who had the Ghost Giants. Things weren’t looking too good for them. However, Persephone was concerned about something else: the fact that Yeon-woo was Kronos’ son. And he wasn’t just any son, but a legitimate one born from Rhea and brother to Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. He was the real successor of Kronos, one who hadn’t participated in the rebellion.

  ‘The Titans are moving to resurrect their king, Kronos…if ### says he’ll succeed Kronos, the Titans will turn to him. And if he even gets the door to Erebus…’ Persephone bit her lower lip. ‘Everything will be ruined.’ Poseidon and the others would support Yeon-woo as well.

  With Zeus asleep from Heavenly Demon Disease, many in Olympus were displeased with the rule of the Gigantes. Those in Olympus only obeyed because of Mother Earth but none of the divine beings truly welcomed them.

  However, if a union of the Titans and the original Olympian gods appeared? It was obvious how things would end. Yeon-woo had the perfect lineage and a good reason to start a war. On top of that, he was second to none when it came to the support of other societies. 

  After Persephone discovered Yeon-woo was Kronos’ legitimate child, she pretended to be nonchalant in front of Yeon-woo, but she felt chills running down her back the entire time. The only consolation was that Allforone was blocking Yeon-woo’s exuviation and transcendence, but how long would that last?

  Allforone had never been defeated before, but from what Persephone had seen of Yeon-woo so far, he seemed like someone who could someday overcome the obstacle that was Allforone. Persephone felt anxious, and Mother Earth was most likely feeling the same.

  『No. This might be for the best. Kronos and ###, all these things were technically mine. Darkness, darkness! Since they are combined as one, it will be easier to take everything.』 Mother Earth’s hysterical voice quickly calmed. Her tone was now warm and kind, like a mother holding a sleeping baby. However, Persephone felt more frightened at Mother Earth’s change in attitude. 『You must not fail this mother who birthed you. I hope you do not disappoint me this time.』

  Persephone bowed. “Yes, Mother.” The being speaking was more Vieira Dune, who was pretending to be Mother Earth, than Mother Earth herself, but Persephone couldn’t say the words at the tip of her tongue. At the end of the day, her life and powers were all thanks to Mother Earth.

  If she received the orders to block someone, she needed to do it. If she had to swallow them up, that’s what she had to do. Persephone had no other choices. She had climbed all the way here to find freedom, but why did she feel that not much had changed from the time she had been Hades’ wife? Persephone lightly touched the air in front of her with a finger. She could feel her pairing to the Gigantes who were in Tartarus.

  ‘Stop chasing after the Titans and exterminate the bugs that dare dirty my holy territory.’

  『Yes, Your Majesty.』

  『Yes, Your Majesty.』

  Bugs. That was what she called Yeon-woo and his companions. No one dared to question her command. The leaderless Titans were dust that could be swept away at any time. She had to take care of the true nuisances first. Persephone’s orders held more authority than those of the deceased Typhon.

  『Y-your Majesty! Something has gone wrong!』 A frantic message came from Gigantes in charge of the center of the Temple of the King of the Underworld.

  “What is it?”

  『E-enemies have…aack!』 The words were cut off in mid-sentence.

  Persephone’s face stiffened. She opened her pairing to the other Gigantes in the temple. “What is going on? This temple is protected with multiple barriers, how is it possible that we’re under attack?” It wasn’t that Persephone didn’t think Yeon-woo would follow her after her escape; she just hadn’t been worried thanks to the barriers protecting the Temple of the King of the Underworld.

  The ownership of the temple had been temporarily changed to Theia’s because Typhon had suddenly attacked from the inside, but otherwise, it was extremely difficult for intruders to get in. The center of the holy territory, the Great Temple, received a powerful blessing that was difficult to overcome. Furthermore, the holy territory was in Persephone’s hands, and with Mother Earth’s additional power, it was impossible to get in.

  However, Persephone had no more time to wonder. Dududu…! The entire Temple of the King of the Underground was violently shaking.

  [The holy territory ‘Temple of the King of the Underground’ is being attacked by the allies!]

  Persephone’s face filled with shock. The messages continued.

  [Player ###’s contributions are spectacular!]

  She grew speechless.

  * * *

  [The spring of death has been activated.]

  [The barrier ‘Blessing of Mother Earth’ has been implanted with death!]

  [The barrier ‘Glory of a Shining Spring’ has been implanted with death!]


  [All barriers have been neutralized with death.]

  [The barriers have collapsed!]

  [You have entered Persephone’s holy territory ‘Temple of the King of the Underworld.]

  The dome-shaped barriers over the temple met Yeon-woo as soon as he entered through emptiness, but Yeon-woo broke through them with ease. The spring of death didn’t just affect living beings; non-living objects weren’t safe from its damage either.

  Everything had a lifetime, and the spring of death could speed up this lifetime until its end. No matter how painstakingly Persephone had set up the barriers, they couldn’t withstand the spring of death. The sight that met Yeon-woo’s eyes when the barriers fell was familiar since he had stayed in this land while he was under Hades. Hades’ majestic temples were now in ruins after so many battles.

  『There’s more barren land than anything else, but it’s quite grand. It must have been regal and beautiful in the past.』 Kronos said sadly as he looked down. Yeon-woo could hear his yearning for Hades, who left after giving everything to his youngest sibling.

  However, Kronos’ sentimentality didn’t last too long.

  『The b-barriers have fallen!』

  『It’s ###! Stop him, quick!』

  The Gigantes, who had been trying to rest after the war against the Titans, discovered Yeon-woo and activated their powers.


  『Of course!』

  When Yeon-woo swung Vigrid, black chains quickly spun and brought down the powers heading his way. Explosions that looked like fireworks shook the battlefield one after the other.  

  Clatter. Vigrid slid through emptiness and appeared from beneath the temple. It traveled through the ground, and Gigantes fell screaming, their ankles sliced through as bursts of black light appeared.

  『Aaack! Ack! My ankle! My ankle!!』

  『H-how! Aack!』

  『D-damn it!』

  Like a snake slithering toward its prey, Vigrid rapidly surrounded the holy territory in chains, slaughtering the Gigantes. Knowing they’d only be sitting ducks on the ground, the Gigantes quickly flew up.

  “Rise.” At Yeon-woo’s order, the shadows throughout the holy territory connected, and dark soldiers began to rise! It was Dis Pluto. Hades’ former subordinates had returned to their motherland. Their eye sockets blazed with blue fire.

  「The enemies that must be torn to death are here.」

  「Brothers, let us lead them to the abyss of death and take revenge!」

  Under Shanon and Hanryeong’s command, Dis Pluto let out eerie cries and began to attack.

  Crash! Soon, Yeon-woo’s other subordinates appeared.

  「Follow the king and honor his name!」 On the ground, Valdebich and the Ghost Giants struck the escaping Gigantes.

  「It’s much easier to manifest now that you’ve become closer to darkness.」

  「I’ve always hated the Gigantes.」

  In the sky, Kalatus and the Summer Queen, the dragon of death, spewed their Breath.

  「Darkness…to…this…world…」 Boo’s eyes appeared and he attempted to take the entire temple into Yeon-woo’s shadow.

  Countless spells and powers shot through the quaking battlefield, overwhelming all the Gigantes.

  「Death to the enemies, fight for our partners!」

  Accompanied by those chants, they instantly captured the Temple of the King of the Underworld.