Chapter 590 - Mother Earth (6)

  『Wow, Mother, your blood is red after all. I thought it was green all this time.』  Kronos smiled coolly.

  Mother Earth could not reply to Kronos’ taunt, and she looked at her severed wings with a grim expression. 『How could this be…』  She could not believe what had happened. Her Illusory Change had failed her. She should have been able to deflect the attack or send it rebounding back to Yeon-woo, but that didn’t happen at all.  

  『Why are you so surprised, mother?』  Kronos’ voice rang out from Vigrid. 『Since you’ve taken your grandson as your Apostle, you should accept his adorable behavior!』

  『Ack…!』  Only then did Mother Earth realize what method Yeon-woo had used. He was currently her Apostle, even though Mother Earth did not want this connection. This meant that they were linked by a Channel, and Yeon-woo used it to enter Mother Earth’s Idea and interfere with her Consciousness.

  One’s Consciousness created Illusory Change, and if one’s Apostle influenced one’s Consciousness, the Illusory Change could malfunction. The effects of the Illusory Change could be nullified even before they’d taken effect. However, although this seemed simple to do, Mother Earth was a conceptual god and she excelled in applying and controlling her Consciousness; she was superior at it than any other being. However, even though she was a lofty and accomplished being, she had fallen for this simple trick. Could this truly be done through the Channel?

  『Mother, your grandson is pretty wily and cunning, isn’t he? He’s used his little brain all this time and accomplished pretty great things with his limited skill level—didn’t you think he could easily interfere with your Consciousness? Of course, a large part of it is thanks to his tremendously accomplished and great father’s support. Hahaha!』

  『You…are you really acting as his subordinate…!』  Although her insides boiled at Kronos’ tongue-in-cheek attitude, Mother Earth’s disbelief was even greater as she stared at Kronos, who was acting like Yeon-woo’s backup. Kronos was expanding Yeon-woo’s Illusory Change and funneling all his magic power and legends into Yeon-woo, just as the Demonism had once done. However, while the Demonism was helping Yeon-woo in order to take him over one day, Kronos was supporting Yeon-woo unconditionally. This was only possible because they were father and son, and Kronos had already sacrificed a lot for his two sons. This was a large shock to Mother Earth.

  He had been a being that had reached the pinnacle of all godly beings and pridefully ruled over the entire universe. He had been filled with vengeful thoughts after falling into Tartarus, and now, Kronos was showing an unexpectedly tender and warm side.

  Wh-what was so special about the relationship between father and son? Yeon-woo and Kronos had had an awkward relationship in the past and didn’t see eye to eye until recently. How could they trust each other so easily and unconditionally?

  『Didn’t I already say it once, Mother?』 Kronos said with a smile. 『I’m happier now than ever. Especially now that I can protect my son.』

  Whoosh! Yeon-woo made his move. Surprised, Mother Earth retreated a few steps back.

  『You’ve created so many offspring, yet you’ve never felt love for any of them. How could you understand what I’m feeling? Can you even understand the concept? Haven’t you only seen your creations as things to use for your own benefit?』

  Mother Earth couldn’t retreat too far. With her wings cut off, she could not move through space freely, and Yeon-woo immediately appeared in front of her, swinging Vigrid.

  『I’m not that different from you, so it’s a little weird for me to say this, but giving birth to a child doesn’t automatically make one a parent.』

  Mother Earth turned her head away. The light from Sword Thunder had left a deep wound on her left cheek. Black chains shot out of pockets of emptiness, which opened around her.

  『You have to give your offspring love, attention, and respect. What have you done instead?』


  『You have only ever focused on your desires. If you couldn’t achieve something on your own, you wanted to live vicariously through your offspring. It’s always about you.』

  In a panic, Mother Earth tried to brush off the chains, but the chains bound her more tightly. Only now did she realize what Yeon-woo’s plan was: god sealing! Yeon-woo was planning to wrap her in chains and imprison her inside the emptiness.

  『Instead of love, you gave orders. Instead of attention, you gave pressure. Instead of respect, you only had disregard. You can’t honestly say that you’ve loved anyone, right? You’ve only ever abused.』

  It was impossible to kill a conceptual being like Mother Earth, nor was it possible to apply the concept of death that Kronos was an expert on. In the past, even when Mother Earth lost out to the other gods, she could always get back up. Hence, Yeon-woo decided to place Mother Earth deep within the recesses of emptiness so that she would be imprisoned. She would never return.

  Once, Mother Earth would have scoffed at this attempt. However, Yeon-woo had the ability to make it happen. The chains that restricted and imprisoned even the Black King could easily imprison a conceptual god like Mother Earth, who had been formed of the same bits and pieces at the creation of the universe.

  『Do you know what happens after that?』

  Mother Earth avoided Yeon-woo’s oncoming attacks as she tried utilizing her Illusory Change. However, each time she tried to use Illusory Change, it malfunctioned. She started seething in frustration, feeling extremely tense. Everything was getting on her nerves, especially that loud-mouth Kronos!

  『You only leave behind regret and seething hatred.』 However, as if he knew what Mother Earth was feeling, Kronos continued. 『Think back on all the offspring you’ve birthed. Why did they turn away from you and even go as far as band together to swing their weapons at you?』

  She couldn’t see an end to the attacks.

  『Mother, you must have been thoroughly clueless. For you, those offspring were just thoughtless and ungrateful perpetrators while you saw yourself as the wounded, innocent victim.』

  Mother Earth clashed with Yeon-woo once more, and her Illusory Change malfunctioned yet again. She now had a new wound on her side that bled freely, and the chains had wrapped around her neck by now. Even though she was in a precarious situation, Mother Earth would not succumb to the attacks quietly.

  Bam! Mother Earth’s hand ripped into Yeon-woo’s chest.

  『Thus…』  Kronos continued speaking as if nothing had happened. 『You’ll never understand. Ever. Even if you died, you wouldn’t think any differently.』

  Mother Earth frowned deeply as Yeon-woo’s Universal Recovery skill rapidly healed the gash on his chest.

  『Such a pitiful mother.』

  Yeon-woo relentlessly attacked Mother Earth. Whenever flashes of Sword Thunder rose, new injuries, large and small, started appearing all over Mother Earth’s true body, and more and more chains wrapped around her. However, the damage that Yeon-woo was suffering from Mother Earth was increasing. His left arm had been cut off and his heart had been damaged to the brink of crumbling.

  However, Yeon-woo did not even bat an eye as he continued to attack. He was willing to sacrifice his arm to wrap another chain around Mother Earth. After all, his arm would grow back anyway! He had many methods to attack Mother Earth. He could restrict her powers through the Channel and attack the vulnerable points that Vieira Dune had revealed.

  [Kronos’ legends have been completely assimilated.]

  [A countless number of heroic achievements have been carved into your spirit!]

  [The heroic achievements sing in celebration of you!]

  As the spring of death wound more quickly, Yeon-woo felt the assimilation process accelerate. It was as if Yeon-woo and his father were peacefully walking through a forest, hand in hand.

  Bam! Vigrid pierced Mother Earth’s abdomen.


  『Stabbing my mother isn’t really a great feeling. I feel slightly disgusted and immoral. Can you do something about this, son?』

  “If you don’t like it, can’t you just change your shape?”

  『Inconsiderate bastard. I’m wondering if it was worth birthing such an inconsiderate son…』

  “Mother was the one who gave birth to me, not you.” Despite Mother Earth’s furious and menacing expressions, Yeon-woo continued to chat with Kronos without any care. However, Yeon-woo’s eyes were focused as he continued to pierce Mother Earth’s true body. The strength of the Channel he shared with Mother Earth was becoming weaker.

  Clank! As if in response to this weakening signal, another chain shot out of the emptiness through Mother Earth’s back, piercing through the area close to where the Soulstone was located. Yeon-woo felt the chain snag onto something, just like a fishing line hooking a fish. The chain had wrapped around the Soulstone, and it seemed like Yeon-woo would rip the Soulstone out of Mother Earth’s body.

  The only reason why Mother Earth could act and think logically was the Soulstone, which acted as her central processing center and organized her thoughts and Consciousness. If the Soulstone were taken out of the equation, Yeon-woo was certain that Mother Earth would revert to her original self: an undeveloped Consciousness with hardly any concrete thoughts or actions. She would enter a vegetative state with desire but no means to act on it. This was probably the ideal state if Yeon-woo wanted to lock her away in emptiness.

  As if she read Yeon-woo’s thoughts, Mother Earth lashed out wildly and grabbed Yeon-woo by the neck. She strengthened her grip to twist his neck, but the more she tried, the deeper Vigrid embedded itself within her. Both sides were now at a standstill. However, at this moment, the chain that had entered Mother Earth’s body began to tear out the Soulstone.

  [‘Hades Spirit Eating Sword’ has been activated!]

  [Your Sin Stone (Superbia· Gula) has located the Soulstone (Luxuria). It is attempting to devour the Soulstone.]

  [Your Sin Stone (Superbia ·Gula) has sensed the Soulstone (Luxuria). It is attempting to devour the Soulstone.]

  [The Soulstone (Luxuria) is resisting your Sin Stone (Superbia·Gula). Your Sin Stone is attempting to overwhelm it.]

  The Philosopher’s Stone was trying to devour the Stone of Luxuria through Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword. The two stones inside the Philosopher’s Stone shook and resonated with each other, causing a magic power connection to form between them. The two stones tried to use this connection to pull out the magic power that resided within the Stone of Luxuria.

  『Do you think…I will lose…so easily…?』  Mother Earth suddenly opened her mouth so widely that the corners of her lips tore up to her ears. She let out a loud shriek. Aaaaah!



  Yeon-woo’s Dragon Heart started beating wildly. His blood started circulating at a dizzying pace. His magic power went wild, unable to contain the accelerated circulation of blood.

  『No…!』  Yeon-woo tried to regain control of his exploding magic power, but the abnormal status had already taken over. Kronos’ voice had also been cut off. Yeon-woo belatedly realized what was going on: the same thing that had driven the immortal Uranus to his death and allowed the Demonism to control Kronos. It was Mother Earth’s final card.

  Yeon-woo could feel how dangerous the situation had become.

  [‘Gaia’s Curse’ is encroaching on you!]


  [The many legends that you devoured are being called up by ‘Gaia’s Curse’. The legends are starting to move!]

  [Many legends are mobilizing after receiving Mother Earth’s call for assistance.]

  [Typhon’s legend is responding to the call.]

  [Syceus’ legend is responding to the call.]


  [Persephone’s legend is responding to the call.]

  [Due to unknown reasons, Hades’ buried legend is reacting.]