Chapter 602 - Heavenly Demon Disease (2)

  The gods and demons all looked at Michael with flabbergasted expressions. How could he manage to be so shameless and pretend that nothing had happened? Was he simply confident in his skills, or did he consider Malach to be that superior? It was hard to know what made him so self-assured, but the gods and demons couldn’t start an argument with him. Michael’s personality was famous—or rather, infamous—within the heavenly world. Arguing with him would only bring on a headache.

  However, there was one thing they overlooked: Michael’s reckless personality was well known within the heavenly world, but there was someone worse than him. As soon as Michael and the other divine beings turned around, a powerful, thundering boom rattled the sky.

  Rumble. Michael quickly shifted to the side, but a bolt of Sword Thunder had already slashed through his right wing. The severed wing fell to the ground, but the light that flashed after the attack made it disappear. Michael was forced to retreat far away with a stiff expression.

  Ssss. Yeon-woo planted the steaming Vigrid into the ground and smiled coldly. “Did you think I would gloss over things if you said we should talk? You must think I’m a pushover.”

  The eyes of the other gods and demons widened in surprise before they shook their heads. They were now familiar with Yeon-woo’s temperament after spending so much time with him. The Apostles finally seemed satisfied. Agares and Fenrir burst into laughter.

  『Yes. If I have to choose a creature who is madder than I am, it would be you! Of course. No doubt about it. Hahaha!』

  Woof! Woof, woof!

  Agares and Fenrir’s loud chatter annoyed Michael, but he suppressed his irritation and quietly glared at Yeon-woo. Then, he smiled in amusement and wet his lips with his cherry-red tongue. 『Can I consider your action as a gesture of disrespect to Malach?』

  “You mean Malach is disrespecting me.”


  “If you had wanted to speak on equal footing, then Metatron should have come down himself. However, the fact that a mere envoy would even dare pick a fight like this… How else should I react? Should I take it as Malach disrespecting Olympus, the giants, the dragons, and my allies?”

  Michael finally understood what Yeon-woo was saying. Yeon-woo wasn’t just anyone. He was Kronos’ rightful son and a supreme god of Olympus who now sat on the new throne of the king of gods. He was a king whose subordinates were the forgotten giants, the new master of the dragons, the successor of the Black King, and a god of death and fight… It was an endless list of descriptions and titles.

  There weren’t many in the heavenly world who could compare to him. Although Yeon-woo hadn’t transcended or exuviated yet, he could try it anytime he wished, so that wasn’t a problem. In fact, as Yeon-woo implied, his status and influence in the heavenly world weren’t insignificant. Michael’s rude behavior as an envoy mocked not only Yeon-woo but the allies who acknowledged him and worked with him. If all of his allies decided to find fault with Malach due to this, Malach would have no excuse.

  Although Malach possessed clues about Zeus’ whereabouts, if Yeon-woo decided he would just get rid of Zeus’ position and forget about him, there was nothing Malach could do.

  “Is this what Malach intends?” Yeon-woo didn’t let go of the topic, and Michael was silent for a moment before he came forward and bowed.

  『I apologize. I must have been blinded by the thrill of seeing such a strong person for the first time after leaving my society. However, this is all my fault and has nothing to do with Malach.』

  Yeon-woo’s eyes flashed. Michael’s confident attitude changed in an instant, and it was a rare sight for such a prideful being to bow to someone else. It meant Michael knew when to act and when to retreat.

  『I hope Your Majesty is generous enough to forgive me. However, if this apology is not enough…』 Michael’s eyes darkened. 『Please allow me to pay for my sins with this.』 As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly ripped off his left arm.  

  Spurt! It was over before anyone could stop him. The gods and demons all looked taken aback. Even if an arm could be regenerated with holy power, it would mean losing that holy power. Furthermore, it would take a significant amount of time to regrow an arm, and it was a serious injury, even for a divine being.  

  However, Michael didn’t even blink an eye. Yeon-woo couldn’t say anything further now that Malach had gone to this extent to make amends.  

  [Metatron of the godly society <Malach> implores you to forgive the insolence of his envoy.]

  Yeon-woo clucked his tongue when Metatron apologized and turned around.

  『He attacked on his own and tore off his arm on his own. Based on how he does things, he must be crazy. for sure.』

  The rest of Yeon-woo’s companions smiled at Agares’ response and nodded in agreement.

  * * *

  『What a guy.』 Kronos laughed in disbelief as he watched Michael silently receiving treatment from Erlang Shen.

  ‘He had an opportunity to test my abilities and observe the relationships among our allied forces, so it wasn’t all for nothing.’

  『True.』 Kronos agreed with Yeon-woo. Even though Michael seemed like a competitive and violent being, Kronos could see that, in reality, Michael was as cool-headed as he was strong. 『That celestial scribe guy probably had something to do with it too. Each person who has inherited the position of Malach’s scribe has always been famous for his slyness. In my prime, there were many times when I wanted to open that guy’s head and see what was inside it.』

  Of course, just because Metatron’s orders were involved, it didn’t mean Michael was simply a puppet. The fact that he could execute these orders and even sacrifice an arm made it plain that he was as sly as Metatron.

  『If he’s got both brains and brawn, that makes him quite the adversary. Son, you’re going to go through a bit of trouble to become the king of gods.』

  To gain the throne of the king of gods, one had to be qualified. It meant not only ruling Olympus but also gaining the respect and admiration of other societies. It went without saying that it wasn’t an easy task, considering the pride of the divine beings.

  『Anyway, be careful. Guys like that aren’t easy to deal with.』

  Yeon-woo nodded.

  『More importantly, what are you going to do about that hideous thing in your hand? It’s weird carrying it around. Are you going to give it back?』

  “Why would I give it back?” Yeon-woo smirked as he looked down at Michael’s left arm in his hand.

  [The power ‘Hades’ Spirit-Eating Sword’ has been activated!]

  He devoured Michael’s left arm through the teeth in his left palm. The arm of Malach’s strongest being made the holy power inside him multiply. “Every little bit helps.”

  『Tsk! How can a guy like you be my son? Argh. Poor bastard.』

  “I’ve got to reap something from what I’ve sown.”

  『You smartass…!』

  Yeon-woo and Kronos bickered as they entered the Temple of the King of the Underworld.

  * * *

  『Thank you for waiting.』 Michael appeared with a bandaged left shoulder. Since he had sworn to show respect to Yeon-woo, he was now speaking formally, and it was impossible to find anything wrong with his behavior. 『I shall skip the trivial matters and get to the point.』 Michael spoke impassively, his expression solemn. His tone was cold, as if he didn’t feel any emotions. Yeon-woo thought this was probably Michael’s true personality, and his previous attitude had only been an act. 『Forty-seven other organizations have gone through the same thing that Olympus and the Chan Sect have gone. And of course…』 Michael’s eyes darkened. 『All the missing are suffering from Heavenly Demon Disease.』


  “As expected…”


  Erlang Shen and Prince Nezha stiffened, and Yeon-woo’s Apostles seemed to be deep in thought. On the other hand, Agares and Fenrir seemed amused. Even though they were all allies, there was still a gaping difference between gods and demons.

  Forty-seven wasn’t a small number. It meant that half of the godly societies, particularly the famous ones, had been affected.   

  “Will you tell us which organizations have been affected?” Erlang Shen asked with a composed expression, but Michael shook his head.

  『I cannot tell you exactly who have been affected or who has disappeared. No one wishes to reveal their vulnerabilities. Of course, information about those present will not be leaked either.』

  “Is it just the godly societies that have been affected?”

  『That is also something I cannot confirm.』 Michael shook his head again, but everyone already knew the answer to this question. If the demonic societies had been affected as well, L’Infernal’s Baal and Niflheim’s Loki would have disappeared already. 『However.』

  Everyone waited.

  『After our investigations, we discovered traces of those afflicted by Heavenly Demon Disease being transported to the same place at the same time.』

  “I-is that true?”


  『We aren’t completely certain, but the coordinates seem to point to…the Changgong Library.』

  Everyone’s eyes widened. The Changgong Library was where all knowledge and events of the universe were recorded. All gods, demons, dragons, and giants wanted to enter, but the honor was only given to a few. However, all the gods suffering from Heavenly Demon Disease had gone to such a mysterious location? Furthermore, everyone here knew who was at the library, which was why they all turned to look at Yeon-woo at the same time, even Michael.

  『Out of all the beings of the lower world, the heavenly world, and even outside the Tower, the only person who has recently visited the Changgong Library was you, king of Olympus.』

  Yeon-woo’s eyes darkened.

  『The celestial scribe ordered me to ask you directly if there is anything you suspect.』

  Yeon-woo finally understood why Malach had sent Michael as an envoy. They could have sent a report through a message or even sent a messenger to explain. However, the fact that they had sent Michael and paid the price of the laws of causality meant Malach was keeping a close eye on this incident since it was related to the Heavenly Demon.

  『Everyone suffering from Heavenly Demon Disease possessed high divinities with the power of creation. They had also been seriously injured by the Heavenly Demon. Since all of them are involved, the celestial scribe is worried that the Heavenly Demon is trying to influence the heavenly world once more.』

  They were asking Yeon-woo to reveal anything he knew. Agares and Fenrir had realized that the situation wasn’t entertaining anymore because their expressions had turned stiff as well. As he looked at others, Yeon-woo gave a short answer: “No, nothing.”


  “However, I can say with confidence that the Heavenly Demon isn’t trying to influence the heavenly world.”

  Michael’s eyes darkened. 『May I ask why you think that?』

  [Metatron awaits player ###’s response.]

  “There’s not much to it. If the Heavenly Demon wanted to do that, he wouldn’t have to resort to schemes.” Yeon-woo grinned. “He can destroy the heavenly world with just a single wave of his hand.”

  Everyone stiffened.

  [Metatron presses his lips together at player ###’s response.]

  “I’m sure nobody will deny the fact that the only reason why gods and demons are still in the heavenly world is that the Heavenly Demon went easy on you.”

  A heavy silence settled over everyone.