Chapter 632 - Time (4)

  Making a new incarnation for the Tower’s system? Yeon-woo had no idea how the Sea of Time was planning to pull this off. However, if what Leonhardt said was true, there weren't many options available to replace Allforone.

  『You know about that, too? It seems you also know about Allforone’s true identity too.』 Leonhardt was surprised that a lower world being who was still developing his skills and powers like Yeon-woo would know Allforone’s true identity as an incarnation of the Tower’s system, which only a few high-level beings knew. Leonhardt himself had only stumbled upon this information after being with the Sea of Time for a long time and piecing together fragments of clues.

  Leonhardt was known as the “Sword Strategist” for a reason. In Arthia, he had been the political strategist, and he had been the chief strategist for the Fantasy Regiment. This was why the Sea of Time hadn’t killed him even after discovering his duplicity and only punished him severely. Leonhardt was too useful. 『You’re right. It has to be a combination of Heavenly Demon Disease and being a supreme or creator god. Those are the key……』

  Yeon-woo was stunned.

  『I’m not sure if you know that the Sea of Time has been holding Allforone back for a long time now. The Martial King tried to overcome the system and the Summer Queen prepared to break past the seventy-seventh floor, but the Sea of Time has always plotted against Allforone from the shadows.』

  Although no one knew why, the Sea of Time had prevented Allforone from entering the lower world, an achievement that sealed their reputation.  

  『Of course, the Sea of Time only stopped Allforone and couldn’t eliminate him.』 Leonhardt’s eyes narrowed. 『Which is why the masterminds of the clan have come up with this new approach.』

  A thought crossed Yeon-woo’s mind. “Does the system’s source code have any connection to the Heavenly Demon Disease?”

   『You’ve already reached that conclusion? It took me a long time to get to that point.』

  “The quality of the information that I’m able to access is different from yours.”

  『You… Are you an Apostle of a progenitor god or conceptual god?』


  『If not, then how can you access such information…?』 Of course, Leonhardt was confused by Yeon-woo’s knowledge. No matter how much Leonhardt achieved, he was just a player. It was difficult for him to imagine the journey Yeon-woo had made and the heights Yeon-woo had reached.

  ‘If I mention that I’m Olympus’ supreme god, Leonhardt will probably foam at the mouth.’ Yeon-woo had only been interacting with heavenly world beings recently, and Leonhardt’s reaction was refreshing. Even though there was no reason for Yeon-woo to satisfy Leonhardt’s curiosity and questions… “However, I’m not sure of all the details.”

  Although Leonhardt was suspicious about the methods Yeon-woo used to gain so much information on Allforone, Leonhardt did not avoid Yeon-woo’s question about the source code. He said discreetly with Open Speaking, 『The Heavenly Demon Disease is a malicious code, like a virus. The malicious code devours the infected being and eventually destroys its existence. However, the malicious code also contains a part of the source code of the Heavenly Demon, who is the only being who can access the system.』

  Yeon-woo quickly analyzed what Leonhardt told him. The Heavenly Demon had built the Tower and created the Tower’s system, which meant that he could access the Tower’s system. If the disease contained part of the Heavenly Demon’s data, it meant that those infected could access the system to a certain degree! ‘The Heavenly Demon Disease allows you to connect to the source code. If one utilizes the Heavenly Demon Disease to create another incarnation, then one could possibly switch the system’s incarnation.’

  Of course, although this was workable in theory, it was another matter in reality. ‘There’s no way that the Heavenly Demon could allow someone to access the Tower’s system so easily.’

  However, the Sea of Time was willing to take a gamble. Also, the supreme gods who received the Sea of Time’s proposal had nothing to lose. If they sat around and did nothing, they would slowly lose their divinity. It was better to try to become the next Allforone. If they could achieve this, they would be able to control the restrictive system which they hated so much and rule the Tower, essentially reaching an emperor level of power.

  “What is the point of this gathering?”

  『Even if we can gain access to the Tower’s system through the Heavenly Demon Disease, extracting the source code is an entirely different matter. Do you know how they plan to do this?』


  Leonhardt seemed to relax now that he possessed a bit of information that Yeon-woo didn’t. 『No ordinary being has the ability to extract or modify the source code, and there are various security measures throughout the system that one must overcome. 』 Leonhardt continued in a deeper voice: 『The High Guardians.』

  Yeon-woo’s eyes gleamed as he understood what Leonhardt was implying. “The Twelve Zodiacs.”

  『That’s right.』

  Leonhardt was referring to the twelve High Guardians, including Yvlke, the rat. They were the system’s security measures. Another thought appeared in Yeon-woo’s mind. ‘What about those events that happened in the Demonic Sea?’

  The rabbit, Laplace, not only received the power of an otherworld god, but also awakened to become a player. Additionally, Lupi the pig had died, and Tarneck the sheep had sustained severe injuries. ‘What if all of that was just to break down the system’s security measures?’ A chill ran down Yeon-woo’s spine.

  『The reason for the twelve positions was probably to prevent one individual from accessing the entire source code. However, that isn’t foolproof. If any one of the twelve consolidated power, that being would wield control over the Tower’s system.』

  “Did the Zodiacs fight among themselves?”

  『That’s right. One of them joined hands with the Sea of Time and started a rebellion.』

  Yeon-woo now understood Laplace’s actions.

  『The rebellion was successful. I’m not sure how many were injured or died, but I do know that the Sea of Time has taken over the Central Bureau. So, this gathering here…』 Leonhardt took in a breath before finishing. 『It’s a meeting to discuss how to gather forces and to round up the High Guardian who escaped.』

  Yeon-woo’s eyes widened. A High Guardian was still alive? ‘I need to bring him to my side!’ Based on how events were progressing, the Sea of Time would soon be able to modify the Tower’s system. The Sea of Time had to be stopped at all cost. ‘Even after comprehending the Yin Sword, there’s still no guarantee that I can challenge Allforone. But if the Sea of Time is successful… Damn it, I don’t even want to think about it.’

  Yeon-woo started to feel impatient. However, he knew that he had to keep his cool during times like this. The Sea of Time had already made their move, and it was now Yeon-woo’s turn to flip everything over. If he acted too hastily, he would only attract suspicion from the Sea of Time. Yeon-woo felt that he needed to find out Leonhardt’s intentions first. “What were you planning to do about this situation?”

  A tinge of bitterness could be heard in Leonhardt’s deep voice. 『Observe and wait.』


  『Even though I’m a prisoner, shouldn’t I still try and find out what they’re up to? The only reason I know so much is that I’ve constantly tried to dig into their plans, hoping to find a weakness.』 Leonhardt bit his lips before making a self-mocking expression. 『But I couldn’t find any weak spots at all. And even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to exploit it. The system and Allforone are like stories from another world to me.』

  Yeon-woo nodded heavily. Even if Leonhardt managed to grasp the whole situation with his unique, insightful mind, he wouldn’t be able to do anything with his discoveries. It had to be frustrating not to have the power to act against the Sea of Time. Doing anything would be suicide.

  From the past to the present, Leonhardt never had the ability to change anything. He was always being used, and his continuous failures had probably caused his self-esteem and confidence to sink to their lowest. When Yeon-woo looked at Leonhardt, he could sense utter helplessness. “Hey, Leonhardt.”


  Yeon-woo hated to see Leonhardt so low.

  “If you heard that Jeong-woo was back, what would you do?”

  『What do you mean?』 Leonhardt’s melancholy eyes widened slightly, his pupils shaking as he remembered his precious friend, the one he wanted to protect.

  “Jeong-woo’s not alive but his vestige remains. He can express his intentions. However, I’m looking for a way to bring him back to life. And I think I’m close to achieving that goal.”

  『What do you mean?』 Leonhard thought that Yeon-woo was making fun of him and still resented him for leaving Jeong-woo behind.

  However, Yeon-woo’s eyes were solemn. “If there’s a possibility of bringing Jeong-woo back, would you join me?”

  Leonhardt froze, his face trembling. 『Wh-what you’re saying… Can it be done?』 His eyes trembled even though he didn’t know how this could be possible. However, he wanted to believe it, and his eyes made it clear how much he wanted to.

  Instead of answering Leonhardt right away, Yeon-woo called up someone who had been watching them from the start. “Valdebich. Are you watching?”

  『Valdebich?』 Leonhardt looked at the spot beside Yeon-woo and saw something slowly rise from his shadow.

  Valdebich appeared, his face a mixture of emotions. Leonhardt had lost contact with Valdebich a long time ago. Valdebich had grown taller and bigger, but Leonhardt could tell that he was looking at the true Valdebich once their eyes met.


  「It’s been a while, friend.」

  Yeon-woo uncrossed his arms as he watched the two reunite. “Valdebich will be able to explain in more detail about Jeong-woo. You can decide whether you want to join us or not after hearing his explanation.”

  Yeon-woo left the area so that the two could enjoy their reunion.


  “When did you come out?”

  “Just now.”

  “Why didn’t you tell me? Anyway, what are you going to do with those guys?” Kahn clucked his tongue as he looked around. Kahn had mixed feelings about the attendees, who were all frozen in place. He had made so many preparations and gone through a lot of trouble to get this far, and his plans had become pointless in an instant.

  “It makes no difference.”


  Snap! Yeon-woo snapped his fingers.

  [All those affected by your shadow will regain their faculties.]

  The frozen attendees began moving again.

  “And we shall await the day when the world will be engulfed in fear and purified…!” The speaker on the podium continued yelling out his speech, and the other participants continued to listen without noticing anything. Yeon-woo flicked his fingers again and paused time.

  [The ‘spring of death’ has been activated!]

  [Everyone exposed to your shadow has been paused.]

  “They’re completely unaware of anything happening to them. If necessary, I can also manipulate their memories to some extent or plant a suggestion in their minds.”

  “Ugh!” Khan let out an exasperated sigh. What kind of talent did Yeon-woo acquire during training to make this possible? Kahn had expected some changes, but he didn’t expect they would be so great and awe-inspiring.

  Yeon-woo did not spell out that the attendees had already become subordinates of his shadow, and he’d already placed their souls into his collection. They were technically dead and Yeon-woo’s puppets now, and he planned to make good use of them. ‘I need them to continue mingling with the Sea of Time and find out who the last High Guardian is. I’ll have to steal the Guardian away from them.’

  The key lay in accessing the Tower’s system. ‘Brahm must have visited the sixty-sixth floor to find out all this information. Jeong-woo must have also figured it out after following in Brahm’s steps.’ It was as though pieces of a puzzle were finally coming together. Perhaps Brahm and his brother were near the last High Guardian. Even if they weren’t, Yeon-woo was sure he’d find a clue about their whereabouts if he utilized the souls under his control.

  ‘The key is avoiding their eyes.’ Since the Sea of Time possessed the Psychic Medium’s eyes, it was possible that they were reading Yeon-woo’s every move. However, the Sea of Time seemed to be focused on rounding up the survivors of the rebellion, so it did not seem like they had noticed Yeon-woo.

  At that moment, Leonhardt finished talking with Valdebich and walked towards Yeon-woo. His eyes were filled with a sense of determination.

  “You’ve made your decision?”

  Leonhard nodded. 『I will work together with you. Please allow me to atone for my past.』

  “Great. Let’s get you treated first. You’re not going to be of much help in your current condition.”

  『Is there a way for me to recover?』 Leonhardt’s eyes widened in surprise.

  Yeon-woo smiled. “It’s easy.”


  “You just need to die and come back to life.”

  Leonhardt instinctively backed away, but Yeon-woo’s hand moved much more quickly.