Chapter 644 - Creator God (6)

  An expanding black shadow and golden lightning divided the battlefield. Just when the battle to be the one and only god became a two-sided fight between Brahm and Zeus, blinding white light appeared on the battlefield. It was a third party that neither of them had expected… 

  Crash! Sensing the light was sweeping away their holy power, Brahm and Zeus quickly retreated. If the light was in their path, their loss would be imminent. 


  『You two are having all the fun yourselves? Allow me to join.』

  The two spun around to see a white-robed man wrapped in bright light. With his long hair braided above his head, he was the Jade Emperor. Looking at him, Brahm couldn’t help but mutter under his breath, “This won’t be easy.”

  In the distant past, during genesis, the Jade Emperor had been the strongest in Mount Sumeru. He had defeated countless kings and had even become an emperor, although he was eventually brought down by the Heavenly Demon who escaped the laws of reincarnation. 

  The Jade Emperor had remained at the Three Gods Mountain to recover, but he was still weak when compared to his prime. However, even in this weak state, the Jade Emperor emanated an aura that overwhelmed the other supreme gods, who felt goosebumps crawling across their skin.

  Zeus knew how dangerous the smiling Jade Emperor was, so he didn’t answer. He merely shot a lightning bolt toward the supreme god. Crash! And like that, the battle for the position of one and only god turned into a three-sided fight. 

  * * *

  『The cake is too sweet, and the tea is too bitter. Celestial scribe, did you change cafes? Or did your taste change? What a disappointment.』

  『Unfortunately, the cafe you’re speaking about closed recently.』

  『What? They’re one of the best cafes in the heavenly world. Why?』

  『They say this was a bad year for strawberries.』

  『Oh dear…! That cafe’s highlight was with their strawberry menus.』

  Anyone who overheard their conversation regarding cake, strawberry, and other nonsense would think that they were at a tasting event. Yeon-woo was flabbergasted as he watched Metatron and Baal speak solemnly about the food on the table in front of them. The same went for Athena, standing behind him. Who’d believe the two representatives of the absolute good and absolute evil societies would have such a conversation?

  『Oh dear! It seems our small talk has become too lengthy for our guest. ### doesn’t appear to understand us.』

  『Cake and tea are the only things that keep me going in this frustrating heavenly world. I won’t compromise on this.』Baal crossed his arms with a sniff. He looked quite annoyed. 

  Metatron smiled faintly.『Did you know Baal and I meet like this frequently?』

  “Somewhat.” Yeon-woo nodded. Conflicts between gods and demons were always going on, and Malach and L’Infernal were always struggling to ensure the fight wouldn’t become a full-scale war. Thus, it was easy to see why Metatron and Baal, the leaders of the societies, would have to meet often. So, even though Baal was in Malach, Yeon-woo was only a little surprised; he didn’t think it was strange. 

  『But when we meet so often, there are only so many things we can talk about. Still, since we need others to think we’re doing our best and we have to keep ourselves entertained, both of us developed an interest for desserts.』

  ‘In other words, the two took an interest in desserts to maintain their reputation and kill time.’ Yeon-woo scoffed. 

  Metatron had a pretty appearance, looking rather adrogynous. However, it was hard to imagine Baal, a macho man, fiddling with the strawberry cake on his plate. Baal was also quite different from the impression he had given off when he was vexed because of Agares. 

  However, this tea party wasn’t something to look down on. As these two societies arbitrated issues, they clearly had a lot of influence among the gods and demons. The fact that the two societies’ leaders met often also meant they shared opinions easily. 

  ‘They can decide what goes on in the entire heavenly world, and not just within the godly or demonic societies.’

  This was where the true politics happened—an unthinkable place where the pullers of strings met.

  ‘The leaders of each society might have caught on…but they can’t do anything about it since they have no evidence.’

  Who would be able to stop Malach and L’Infernal if they worked together? Considering the fact that all societies were dependent on the two, whether they knew it or not, it wouldn’t be easy to stand against them. Baal and Metatron likely wanted Yeon-woo to see this. 

  ‘It’s good.’ Yeon-woo took a small bite of the strawberry cake, which was technically evidence of this political meeting, and grinned. He thought Edora would like it if she tried some. ‘I should ask for some to take back.’

  Yeon-woo quietly set the fork back down. “What is the reason you’ve invited me to this tea party that most gods don’t even know about?”

  『I see you’re quite sly. You already know the reason.』Baal still looked strange, busily searching for the hidden strawberries in the cake as a large figure, and Metatron set down his teacup with a smile. 

  “You want to invite me as a member to this party?”

  『If a new member is added to this boring meeting with only two members, wouldn’t the meetings be more exuberant?』

  Yeon-woo could step foot into the behind-the-scenes politics. It definitely wasn’t a bad offer, and it also meant he had become strong enough for these two leaders to keep careful watch on him. “So the negotiations you spoke about were a lie to summon me here, as expected.”

  『There’s no better justification.』

  Yeon-woo raised a corner of his mouth. With this, he became certain. ‘As I thought, Malach and L’Infernal have no interest in the battle for the status of one and only god.’ He could clearly see the request he’d ask of them that Brahm had hinted about. 

  『I don’t know if you already are aware, but the members of Malach call ourselves ‘angels,’ not ‘gods.’ We believe he will come in due time. So even if such a being is created with this battle, it will be heresy that Malach cannot acknowledge.』

  Baal, who had finally found all the strawberries and eaten them, wiped his mouth with a handkerchief and spoke up.『Us as well. There’s no reason for us to welcome a strong god.』

  “Then you won’t interfere even if I enter the battle royale or gather all the system keys.”



  “What do you want?”

  『Are you asking us even when you know the answer?』

  『Isn’t it obvious?』

  Yeon-woo smiled along with them. “‘Time.’ You need the revelations.”

  Metatron wet his lips with his red tongue, reminding Yeon-woo of the snake in the legends that had offered the Fruit of Good and Evil to the first humans. Metatron said,『No matter how much we collect, we always need more.』

  『Lemegeton, which the Sea of Time possesses… Or in other words, the ‘revelations’ are thought to be a version that hasn’t been discovered in the Tower yet. If you happen to obtain it, we want you to share it with us.』

  “And the price?”

  Clank. Baal put down his fork and smiled cynically.『Wasn’t the Fruit of Good and Evil to your taste?』It wasn’t the price for what Yeon-woo had taken before. Baal was saying they could give him more of them. However, he probably wasn’t giving a definite answer because he was more a politician than a demon.『No matter what your stance is, we won’t make any announcements. Then, the other societies will be hesitant.』

  It meant no matter what Yeon-woo did, such as placing Brahm in the position of the one and only god, or disrupting the battle royale, the two societies wouldn’t interfere and would keep the heavenly world silent. They would act as if they didn’t care about anything else as long as they could get something out of it. It was the standard logic of those in power, but Yeon-woo preferred this to pretentious conversations. 

  ‘I can involve the entire heavenly world with this show the Sea of Time has created. Then, I’ll be able to lead them in the direction I want.’ Yeon-woo quickly completed the big picture in his head and slowly spoke up, “Then, can I make an offer while I’m here?”

  『Oho. What is it?』


  Metatron and Baal seemed greatly interested, since they had seen that Yeon-woo was skilled in schemes and plots from observing him all this time. Yeon-woo briefly explained his plans before the two burst out laughing with satisfaction. 

  『Ha! Has my scumbag son been divided into three? The state of this world…』Kronos muttered in despair as he saw the three laugh wickedly, but of course, Yeon-woo ignored him.

  『As you’ve seen so far, gods are unreasonable. They’re arrogant creatures that go straight for what they want without thinking of anything other than their target. In reality, they’re fearful beings who shudder to see you grow stronger or exuviate. They probably haven’t learned anything from Asgard’s destruction or the Martial King’s transcendence.』Metatron continued with a frown.『Leading such ignorant beings on the right path…I feel like my soul is becoming exhausted every day.』

  When he turned back to Yeon-woo, Metatron was smiling brightly.『But unlike those fools, I think it’s a relief that you’re reasonable and have deep thoughts so we can understand each other.』

  『It seems all the offers are finished, so I’ll get up first. I feel like another crazy bastard will act up if I’m absent for too long.』Baal left first. 

  * * *


  『They’re all annoying.』Zeus had thought that he’d easily gain the title of one and only god to stand at the top, so he was now angry that there were multiple obstacles in his way. At this rate, he wouldn’t get anywhere. Even if he won in the end, it wouldn’t be without its losses, and he could be betrayed later on. He needed to display overwhelming strength that suited the name of ‘Killer of the King of Gods!’

  『I have no other choice.』Zeus decided to pull out the secret weapon he’d wanted to hide until the end. 

  Brahm and the Jade Emperor attacks suddenly moved around Zeus and landed on the ground. The two looked at him warily, backs straightened. They noticed that Zeus’ aura was different from a moment ago. 

  ‘…he’s done something!’ Brahm quickly layered the shadows and guarded himself, thinking Zeus had pulled out some tricks. 

  On the other hand, the Jade Emperor, angry that Zeus had made him wary if only for a moment, instantly dashed in Zeus’ direction.『How dare you!』

  Just then, Brahm could see that Zeus’ eyes were faintly glinting with joy. No, to be exact, his left eye was shining like a jewel. ‘Could that be…a Virtue Stone?’ Brahm belatedly realized that Zeus held a piece of Luciel’s Soulstone. 

  In the meantime, Zeus’ jewel eye emitted a strange light and amplified his holy power. Brahm didn’t know how Zeus had a Virtue Stone, but Zeus’ lightning infused with the stone’s energy before sweeping through the Jade Emperor. 

  For better or for worse, the Jade Emperor had changed directions at the last minute and was barely alive. Half of his body had been sliced off. 

  Zeus attempted to use the same skill on Brahm to end this battle. 

  “Hup!” Brahm quickly scanned through the Book of Pluto to strengthen the barrier around him, but it seemed weak against Zeus’ attack. Just before the golden lightning struck him, a space opened in front of Brahm to reveal Yeon-woo swinging Vigrid forwards. 

  [A new participant is entering!]

  Crash! The golden lightning was scattered before it could even reach them. 

  『How dare you get in the way…!』Realizing the trespasser was Olympus’ new king of gods, whom he had heard about from Yvlke, Zeus narrowed his eyes with anger. 

  “I know you’re watching through the ‘eye.’ Why don’t you come on out? I know my disruption of this battle isn’t something you want.” Yeon-woo didn’t even acknowledge Zeus, looking past him. 

  Zeus shouted angrily, asking what Yeon-woo was trying to do when he suddenly felt a presence behind him. He widened his eyes and turned around, noticing that space had divided in the sky above the ruined fields to reveal emptiness. It was as if someone had poured black paint. 

  Harmonia looked at them from the abyss.『What is it you want to say?』

  Brahm’s gaze wavered at the appearance of the old lover he once thought dead. Meanwhile, Zeus stiffened upon seeing the being he had seen in his dream when he was afflicted with Heavenly Demon’s Disease. 

  Regardless, Yeon-woo and Harmonia spoke calmly as if they were in their own world. Yeon-woo said, “No matter who wins here, I have the final system key. You won’t get what you want.”

  『We can just steal it.』

  “You think so?”

  Harmonia just smiled in response without saying much.『So?』

  “I’ll give this to you.” Yeon-woo pulled out the system key he had received from Hayang. Looking at his system key, greed flashed through Zeus’ eyes, and Brahm stepped back with an unreadable look. However, Yeon-woo’s attitude remained firm. 

  『…』Harmonia was momentarily silent as if trying to read Yeon-woo’s thoughts. Then, she asked in a grave tone.『And the price?』

  “A synchronized attack to catch Allforone. How about it?”