Chapter 652 - Scythe (2)

  [The spring of time is wound very slowly!]

  [The divine ability is active.]

  [It is an unstable ability. The longer the spring is activated the more severe the damage may be. Please be advised that the spring may be permanently damaged.]

  [While the spring is activated, the “small wheel” surrounding the Tower slowly spins.]

  [The beings within the influence of the “small wheel” do not recognize it.]

  [The weight being applied to the spring of time from the “small wheel” becomes heavier.]

  [The spring of time is overheated.]

  [The Black King shows great interest in your actions!]

  Along with Death, the spring of time was what allowed Kronos to sit on the throne of the king of gods in the past. With this, Kronos moved through the universe as he wished and led Olympus to its golden age. 

  Depending on how it was used, it could be used as an omniscient tool that allowed the user to peek at the future and the past, or it could also be used to spin the “wheel.” But of course, spinning the wheel was something only emperor-level beings could do. 

  It was because records of actions and desires that became laws of causality could be forcefully erased according to selfish desires. Even Kronos didn’t attempt it often. There were also critical side effects that arose from it. 

  However, that only applied to the “big wheel” that included the universe’s entire history. 

  The “small wheel,” which was a lot smaller, was vastly different. And if there were only a few parts you wanted to change, the cost would heavily be deflated. 

  It was why Kronos used the spring of time very frequently during his prime. By slowing or speeding the wheel, Kronos could have the advantages in time, and occasionally, by pausing time, he collected deaths. 

  Controlling time and space as you wished… there was no more omniscient power than this. 

  Yeon-woo wanted to imitate Kronos’ method. It was impossible to pause time since the spring of time wasn’t completely restored, and there were limits to slowing the small wheel down. If it was permanently damaged, Jeong-woo’s vestige could be injured. 

  『Don’t worry. I was eating away at the resources so I can earn my keep through this now.』

  Cha Jeong-woo pounded his chest as if to leave it to him.

  『While I was in the pocket watch I practiced and studied how to wind the spring. Even you can’t do better than me at this. So hurry on and come back quickly. Darkness can make up for what you don’t have. And we have Father too.』

  Once the pocket watch and chains were connected to each other the energy of darkness entered the spring. It was replenishing the power to spin the “small wheel.”

  『I’ll hold on however I can, but hurry up. No one knows how Allforone might try to stop the spring of time if he catches on.』

  So Yeon-woo entered the abyss after leaving things to his brother and father to finish Scythe while they brought him time. Every second was precious. 

  * * *

  『Completing the weapon you need while slowing the small wheel down… it’s definitely something you would think of.』

  Just like before, Harmonia was huge. 

  It was hard to believe she was the Summer Queen’s twin because of how large she was. The color of her scales was dark and shining like obsidian. It was abnormal considering how the Summer Queen was a Red Dragon with fire properties. 

  It was possible Harmonia’s foundational properties had changed after becoming the successor of the Black King and creating the Sea of Time since Yeon-woo had also become closer with darkness after resetting his soul. 

  “I don’t have that much time. Just answer what I say, hm How much adamant do you have?”

  It wasn’t an exaggeration to say the entire seventy-seventh stage was Allforone itself. Allforone was being shaken as the heavenly world and lower world attacked him from all directions. 

  However, as long as Allforone was the system’s incarnation, there was no way to defeat him if the fight went prolonged. 

  Yeon-woo needed to finish his weapon before that. He didn’t have any intention to waste time cracking jokes with Harmonia. 

  『I think it’d be best to talk face to face.』


  Uncomfortable that she was looking down at Yeon-woo, Harmonia polymorphed into the form of a small girl. If she was holding a big teddy bear it wouldn’t have looked strange at all. 

  Yeon-woo subconsciously grimaced. 

  “Technically you’re Sesha’s grandmother. Aren’t you embarrassed to look like that?”

  “Everyone has different tastes. And wouldn’t my granddaughter like this appearance? Since we can be on the same ground as we play together. A grandmother who’s like a friend… isn’t that nice?”

  Yeon-woo clicked his tongue. 

  He wanted to point out and ask many things, but this wasn’t the time to be concerned with such matters. 

  As promised, they had a temporary common front and it wouldn’t be broken until Allforone’s raid was over. And Yeon-woo had no plans to break their alliance either. He would’ve thought about it if he could get something out of stabbing her in the back, but only chaos would ensue if he did now. 

  “I heard the Sea of Time took all the adamant in the Tower and outside.”

  “It’s true. We have a monopoly on it.”

  “Can you give me some?”

  “Don’t you know the act of cornering the market? It’ll be quite expensive.”

  “I’ll give you as much as you want.”

  “I heard you’re in close relations with the leader of By the Time. I suppose it was true.”

  Yeon-woo didn’t respond and narrowed his eyes. The relationship between Kronos and Freesia wasn’t revealed to the public. How did she find out?

  ‘Did it… leak from the inside?’

  But Yeon-woo hadn’t told anyone about it, so it was even scarier. 

  The information could’ve been leaked from By the Table, but considering how thorough their control on information was, it was still scary. Harmonia could learn all his plans for the future. 

  Harmonia faintly smiled, as if she could read Yeon-woo’s mind.

  “I said so in the past. We exist everywhere and nowhere.”


  “But I don’t know more than that. Since there are limits to this place.”

  Could he trust her or not? How much could he trust her? How far did her lies go?

  “Unfortunately, we have barely managed to collect what we have because we have use for it as well. We can’t just give it to you.”

  Yeon-woo’s eyes flashed. They couldn’t just give it to him? It meant she wasn’t refusing his offer. 

  She was willing to give it to him if he could meet her conditions. 

  “What do you want?”

  A smile spread on Harmonia’s mouth. 

  “Your goodwill.”


  It was unexpected. Just then… 


  [A party has been created!]

  [The scenario quest (Black King’s Ambition I) has been created.]

  [Scenario Quest / Black King’s Ambition I]

  [Description: The Black King was critically injured by the Heavenly Demon and trapped in the deepest areas of emptiness by the traitor ???s, but he has finally succeeded in choosing two successors after a long wait. 

  The Black King planned on having his two successors compete and wait for the day he would awaken, but upon learning the blood relative of the one who injured him, the Heavenly Demon, existed in the Tower, he changed his mind. 

  He wishes for the successors of his power to eliminate the Heavenly Demon’s blood relative and to see the Heavenly Demon in pain and despair. 

  From now, accept the Black King’s will and eliminate the Heavenly Demon’s blood relative. 

  If you bring him great victory, the Black King will reward you based on his satisfaction.]

  [Conditions for success: 

  1. Work with the other successor. Internal strife is not allowed while the quest is in progress. The Black King will be angered at any infighting.

  2. Awake more of the power of darkness.

  3. Eliminate the Heavenly Demon’s blood relative and bring him a victory that he will be satisfied with. The greater the victory, the greater his satisfaction.]

  [Warning: This is a party quest. The rewards will differ based on your contribution.]

  [Qualifications: Successor of the Black King]

  [Time Limit: -]


  1. ???

  2. ???]

  A scenario quest was created. This meant the Black King was further interested after beginning to sense the situation. 

  Harmonia didn’t seem to care about the quest window although she must have received the message. 

  “I already know you don’t follow ‘him’ genuinely and have blasphemous thoughts toward him. However, his prophecy must be realized. And you will be standing next to the throne he will sit in. I’m saying we have no choice but to work together.”

  Harmonia continued to speak. 

  “But it’ll be difficult if you continue to not have any trust in me. So I wish to have your goodwill. How about it? I believe it isn’t a bad offer for you.”

  Yeon-woo was flabbergasted. When they first met in the abyss, she had said something strange about how it wasn’t time and sent him flying away. And how was she able to say such brazen words after deceiving Sesha, Ananta, and Brahm?

  He had no intentions of having goodwill toward Harmonia because he wanted to stay on guard against the Black King and didn’t know what Harmonia’s true desires were. 

  But that didn’t mean he’d refuse someone’s goodwill toward him. It wouldn’t be late to think about the Black King then. 

  “Fine. Let’s do that.”

  “We’ve become a step closer to each other now. I’ll give you as much adamant as you wish.”

  [The player, ‘Harmonia’ has given you ‘x adamant.]

  [It is automatically bound to your subspace.]

  “Then can I make a few more requests?”

  “Do you still need something?”

  “A lot.”

  “As expected. You’re very shameless.”

  “There’s no reason to deny your goodwill. And the Black King told us to work together.”

  Now that he had the Darkness Jade, the newly created Scythe would have incomparably powerful functions compared to before. The more brilliant the materials that went into it were, Scythe would be even better. 

  Fortunately, the Sea of Time had also been secretly collecting what Yeon-woo requested. 

  “…how do you know of these things?”

  For the first time, the relaxed Harmonia seemed taken aback. 

  “I’m also a blacksmith with the title of ‘Master Blacksmith.’”

  Yeon-woo decided to be more shameless since he was already here anyway. 

  ‘I’ve gotten most materials through By the Table anyway, but the more the better.’

  “Is that it?”


  “You’re amazing. In more ways than one.”

  “Thank you.”


  Yeon-woo put Harmonia’s bitter sigh behind him and walked out. But before he left, he glanced at the iron door that was behind Harmonia. It was where the Black King might be. 

  He didn’t sense anything beyond the door. 

  ‘Oh well. Then the materials I need next are…’

  Yeon-woo rubbed the cold Cast of the Black King as he reviewed the remaining materials he needed. 

  ‘Oh, the information was updated, right? Check information window.’


  A screen popped up in front of Yeon-woo.