Chapter 196 Traitors

  “FengFu Battle Armor!” Long Chen let out a shout inside his mind.

  When he once more opened his eyes, a star floated around in them.

  BUZZZ! Space trembled and qi waves soared into the sky. A terrifying pressure shot out in all directions. The current Long Chen was like an awakened ancient beast, his ferociousness shaking the land.

  The flame blade in his hand that was only a couple of meters long immediately grew to the size of one hundred and fifty meters. It was like a heavenly blade as it slashed down on the two of them.


  Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang were immediately like two weeds that were miserably struck back. They only managed to stabilize once they had been knocked back hundreds of meters.

  The surrounding people were all given an absolute fright when they saw Long Chen’s attack. They were completely stupefied as they saw both Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang miserably sent flying.

  Standing at the top of the mountainside was Elder Sun. He involuntarily stood up, his eyes shining as he stared at Long Chen.

  Ling Yunzi was also moved. “What a powerful Battle Skill! It allowed him to instantly release a strength tens of times greater than usual. His current aura is almost comparable to the Tendon Transformation realm.”

  Tu Fang was given a shock. That explosive power was at least dozens of times stronger than it had been before. How could this world really contain such a terrifying Battle Skill?

  After sending them flying, Long Chen knew that he had to finish this as quickly as possible.

  Stepping forward, he charged back at the two of them, slashing down ferociously with his flame blade.

  Both Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin were absolutely shocked. At the same time, their fury also exploded. The two of them were Tendon Transformation experts, and core disciples as well! But they were miserably forced back.

  Previously they had been careless, just playing with Long Chen as a kind of humiliation. They had never thought that Long Chen would release such powerful strength. They no longer dared be overconfident.

  Both of their auras completely exploded out. Their huge blades explosively grew as they charged at Long Chen.


  The frantic collisions of those huge blades caused the land to split and stones to fly, shocking everyone around them so much that they had to quickly retreat.

  The current Long Chen really was like a god of war. He actually blocked all of Qi Xin and Lei Qianshang’s attacks head-on.

  But that still wasn’t enough for him.

  Long Chen could sense his FengFu Battle Armor’s spiritual qi rapidly running out. In just a couple of breaths, he would be running on empty.

  “Time to risk it all.” Long Chen clenched his teeth and raised his flame blade high into the air. All the energy within his FengFu Star surged into his flame blade.

  His flame blade immediately began to crazily grow. The runes on top of it became increasingly clear.

  “Split the Heavens!”

  Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin’s expressions changed. They recognized this move as the one Long Chen had used to defeat Gui Sha.

  Now Long Chen was using it again, and it was even more powerful than before. They both turned numb inside, quickly exploding out with all their strength without leaving the slightest bit in reserve.

  “Water Arrow World!”

  “Thunderblade Destroying Space!”

  Both of them brought out their strongest moves. Three lights collided in the air. Terrifying energy exploded out, sending the surrounding people flying. Those who were too close directly fainted.

  When that backlash qi wave struck him, Long Chen was already powerless to resist and sent flying. As for Lei Qianshang and Qi Xin, they were also no better off than him and buried under the ground.

  Long Chen panted for breath. His flame blade completely disappeared along with his divine ring. His spiritual qi was almost exhausted.

  Raising his head to look at the incense stick, he saw that it was about to reach the end.

  “Protect the flagbearer!” Long Chen suddenly let out a loud shout as he saw there were people charging at Guo Ran. Right now, there were only twenty-something people still standing beside Guo Ran.

  Hearing his shout, they hastily surrounded Guo Ran, frantically fighting off against those people.


  Long Chen was suddenly struck in the back and sent flying by Lei Qianshang.

  He directly coughed out blood in midair. Without spiritual qi to protect his body, his organs were all heavily injured, beginning to break down.

  Falling on the ground, Long Chen coughed up even more blood. But he didn’t even care about his injuries, still looking at Guo Ran.

  He hoped that those people would be able to endure just a few more breaths. Victory was within reach. Long Chen’s heart was about to pound out of his chest. This matter concerned all their futures.

  Qi Xin icily looked at him and sneered, “Long Chen, do you remember? I said that I’d make you regret ever being born in this world. It’s time for my revenge.


  Hearing Qi Xin suddenly shouts, Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed and he roared, “Careful, Guo Ran!”

  Guo Ran had only just heard his warning when he felt a sharp pain from his back, causing him to vomit out blood.

  Guo Ran saw that this attacker was actually someone who had been protecting him this entire time. “You…”

  But before he could even say anything, his right rib was struck by someone else, the sounds of bone breaking causing people to wince.

  Suddenly, he felt his back lighten as his flag case was snatched away. Guo Ran actually ignored his pain frantically and grabbed onto the flag case, wanting to grab it back. That was something that would determine everyone’s fates.

  Furthermore, he had promised Long Chen that he would protect the flag case even if he died. He tightly held on to it.

  “Bastard, let go!”

  That person tried pulling several times but was unable to get him to release it. The two people, who had attacked him first, now came up and stamped on his arm ruthlessly.

  The sound of his bones cracking rang out. Both his arms were now broken, but Guo Ran still didn’t let go.


  That person kicked Guo Ran in the stomach, causing him to vomit out more blood and he was sent flying.

  Those people who surrounded him had been fighting off outer attacks this entire time. They hadn’t even realized that something was happening behind them. By the time they turned to look, that person had already taken the flag case and thrown it into the distance.

  Someone from Gu Yang’s faction had already long since been ready and caught it, putting all the flags into their faction’s case.


  The incense stick finally burned away, and the loud bell signified the end of the competition.

  All the fighting stopped. Tang Wan-er turned to look at Guo Ran and saw those three traitors’ icy smiles. To her, it felt as if all of heaven and earth had changed color.

  “Long Chen, I’ve already said I’d make you live a life worse than death. Now you believe me right, hahaha!” Qi Xin’s unbridled laughter echoed throughout.

  A similar tragedy had also struck Ye Zhiqiu’s side. Two of their disciples had turned traitor, sending their flags to their enemies.

  Long Chen slowly walked over to Tang Wan-er. Seeing her inconsolable expression, his heart ached.

  “Long Chen…” Tang Wan-er hugged onto Long Chen and sobbed with grief. “Why is this? Why is this?!”

  She had always been devoted to her people. She had never imagined that there would be people to betray her. That caused her to feel even more grief than just losing. It was as if someone was twisting a knife in her heart.

  “Tang Wan-er, how is it? Now I’ll give you another chance to join hands with me.” Seeing Tang Wan-er go to Long Chen to cry, Gu Yang was actually furious.

  Long Chen icily glanced at Gu Yang. “I will make you repay this one hundred times.”

  Gently patting Tang Wan-er, Long Chen walked over to those three traitors. Those three had all joined the Heaven Earth Faction later when Tang Wan-er and Guo Ran had gone to find some fresh talent.

  Tang Wan-er was filled with remorse. She hated herself for being so blind. She actually didn’t know how to judge people. If it was Long Chen, he definitely wouldn’t have let such people join them. The more she thought about that, the more grief she felt.

  “Sorry Long Chen, we’re just working for our master. Who asked you guys to not know how to appreciate kindness?”

  One of them apologized, but everyone could see he wasn’t the slightest bit apologetic.

  Tu Fang angrily stood up. “This is too much! I really have been blind to allow such people to join the Xuantian Monastery!”

  Tu Fang wasn’t just speaking of those three, but also those people who had used them.

  An honorable and open competition had been turned into a game of traitors by them. That was completely contrary to the competition’s intentions.

  “Trash will never throw itself into the trash can. What are you so angry about?” Ling Yunzi only sipped some tea lightly.

  “Sect leader, you want to let them off just like this?!” Tu Fang was clearly infuriated.

  “Haha, Tu Fang, you’re also this old now. How can you still not see through what will happen? Since trash won’t throw itself away, don’t we just need someone to clean it up?” smiled Ling Yunzi.

  “You mean…” Tu Fang stiffened.

  “Just calm down a bit. Normally, you’d handle all this trash, but this time you can rest and watch a show. Come, drink some more tea!” Ling Yunzi raised a teacup, his eyes focused on Long Chen. A golden light shone within his eyes.

  If the legends really were true, he knew what he would do.

  Long Chen didn’t even respond to that person’s words. He walked up to Guo Ran. Currently, Guo Ran had fractures everywhere, and his aura was extremely chaotic.

  Guo Ran was extremely sullen. Having been sneak attacked, he hadn’t had any defenses at all.

  “I’m sorry, boss. I should die. I didn’t accomplish the mission you gave me.” Guo Ran began to cry.

  “Good brother, you did well. This isn’t your fault,” consoled Long Chen.

  Guo Ran truly had done extremely well. Although he might appear like a slippery character on the outside, he was a real man who kept his promises.

  Otherwise, he also wouldn’t have been beaten to such a state while still refusing to let go of the flag case. At that time, the only thing he had been thinking of was those flags, the futures and honor of everyone. He hadn’t even cared about his own life.

  “Boss, if only I were a bit stronger, if I was just a bit smarter, this wouldn’t have happened. I should die…” Guo Ran sobbed like a child.

  Long Chen gently placed his hand on the back of Guo Ran’s head. Feeding him a healing medicinal pill, he let him faint. Otherwise, such an impact was not good for his spirit and might even affect his Dao-heart.

  Laying Guo Ran down, Long Chen icily walked over to the three traitors.

  One of them sneered and tilted his head at him. “What, you don’t accept it? You can try and get back at us next time.

  “But I don’t think you’ll have that opportunity. Now you’ll forever be trampled by us, forever starving, hahaha-”